Comedy Fishing Skit

A skit where two clowns learn about being fishers of men.

Two clown characters are needed for this skit:

Clown 1: a guy or gal can do this as a Lou Costello, Carol Burnett, Jerry Lewis or Tim Conway style comedian. This can be done as a clown character or a person dressed in fishing gear.

Clown 2: is the strait person, trying to help the other understand the Biblical concept.

Props and Preparation

Clown 1 steps out with a big tackle box, net and comical fishing pole (hat and outrageous fishing vest etc.) In his or her bag are a few props that will be shown later. (You could build these or skip that part of the routine.)


Clown 1: (Enters with excitement) Well, I’m all set! Revved up and raring to go! I got everything I need.

Clown 2: (Enters sees what is going on and interrupts) Whatcha doing?

Clown 1: I’m doing what Jesus said to do! I’m going fishin! (starts rambling) I got my line and my reel and my net and…

Clown 2: Oh I see that, so Jesus said go fishin?

Clown 1: Yup, you betcha, yes sir ree bob…

Clown 2: My name is not Bob and hey, where in the Bible did Jesus say to go fishing?

Clown 1: He said to go fishing for men Bob! So I got my line and my reel and my…

Clown 2: I am not Bob, and hey you are right … Jesus said to go fishing for men, but he meant that as a way of saying, go out and tell them about God and his mercy and forgiveness and…

Clown 1: OK Bob, I appreciate your encouragement and all… but I need to get started… I want to do what Jesus said to do. I’m all set and I want to know how…

Clown 2: My name is not… never mind.

Clown 1: You know a lot about fishing, would you give me some pointers? (Clown 2 starts to explain again but is cut off) I got my line and my reel and my…

Clown 2: Well… That is nice of you to ask about fishing for men.

Clown 1: Thanks Bob!

Clown 2: (long stare – then proceeds) Jesus saw Peter and some guys were fishing and he wanted to give them an opportunity to do the most important work. He said that they should leave behind their fishing gear and be a different kind of fisher, one who speaks to people about Jesus and…

Clown 1: I went ice fishing once Bobb, I caught 20 pounds! (Reaches into bag – pulls out and holds up a huge block of ice held by ice tongs. Block of ice is made from clear plastic or white foam about one foot square and the tongs can be plastic or real ones.)

Clown 1: (after a pause while Clown 2 stares with jaw dropped) Whaddya think Bob?

Clown 2: …cool. (sardonically)

Clown 1: I once caught a fish in my pajamas, how he got in my pajamas I’ll never know!

Clown 2: Wait.

Clown 1: I once met a fish doctor… he was a sturgeon!

Clown 2: Stop!

Clown 1: (Holds up a fish – plastic – sniffs it) How do you stop a fish from smelling?

Clown 2: I don’t know.

Clown 1: Cut off its nose!

Clown 2: Are you finished?

Clown 1: Good one! (clown 2 is confused) Fin- ished! Yes yes, Fin – ished… I love it.

Clown 2: Wait Wait! Do you like to fish?

Clown 1: Oh yeah, you betcha, I do, I do! Uh Huh!

Clown 2: Well, if you want to serve God you can tell people about Jesus and that is a great way to be a fisher…

Clown 1: Of Men! Cool… How?

Clown 2: You first need to read your Bible and learn about God and become one of his disciples. When you accept Jesus into your life you become willing to do what he wants and one of his main things is telling others about God’s plan for their lives.

Clown 1: So I tell people about Jesus … and then, they too can become followers of Jesus?

Clown 2: That’s right. So let’s read our Bibles and go to Sunday School and learn about Jesus and then go tell others. We can be fishers of men.

Clown 1: I think it’s time to sing to the Lord again.

Clown 2: I love to sing.

Clown 1: Me too. Can you carry a tune?

Clown 2: Of course.

Clown 1: (Pulls out of his sack a tuna fish! Then hands it to Clown 2)Carry a tuna? Get it?

Clown 2: Oh I got it! (chases Clown 1 off stage swinging the big fish.)

By Norm Barnhart

Norman is a funny fellow from Minnesota and lectures about comedy at clown and magic conventions across the US and in 4 other countries.

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