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Joey & Alexa Evans

Bible Character Prediction

This is an effect I love! We use it in several of our shows and it is highly customizable. You can build it around a theme or a holiday. It’s a garden path type trick where you lure the audience in and then turn on the sprinklers!

Magic with a file folder

Good News Indeed! (Magic You Can Make)

Though your sins be like scarlet, He washes them whiter than snow. That is good news indeed! God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Here is a fun way to illustrate with a little trick I invented.

The Earth

In the Beginning, God!

This article is written to take our thoughts back to the Majesty and Wonder of our Mighty God and the Beginning of Time. Enjoy!

Magician performing on stage

Should a Christian do Magic?

Is it right for a Christian to use sleight of hand and illusion–aren’t these instruments dishonest and deceptive? Doesn’t the Bible forbid magic, fortune-telling and ventriloquism?