Good News Indeed! (Magic You Can Make)

Though your sins be like scarlet, He washes them whiter than snow. That is good news indeed! God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Here is a fun way to illustrate with a little trick I invented.

What They See

File folder with red paper.

The magician opens a file folder and shows a red sheet of paper with black lettering on it with words such as lies, stealing, coveting, etc. The magician then explains about how the Bible says our sin is like scarlet, bright and obvious. Scarlet stands out. It is a very bright color, like a stop light. We know that sin is bad, but we cannot hide our sin or make it go away by our self. Only Jesus can forgive and take away sin. That is reason to celebrate and praise God.

The red paper is placed back into the file folder and the teacher continues, “When we ask Jesus to take away our sin, he is faithful and just to cleanse us of all unrighteousness. Though our sins are like scarlet, He makes us whiter than snow!” The file folder is popped open again and the audience sees the red is gone and a mini snowstorm of white confetti has appeared filling the air like a blizzard.

How it is Done

File folder with secret flap

The file folder has a minor addition, a gimmick flap is added from another file folder looks like an ordinary file folder but their are two compartments; a front that has the red paper, and a back section for the confetti. You hold the back part closed when you open the folder’s front section to show the scarlet red sheet of paper. The paper is held up and the words on it are explained. The red sheet is placed back into the folder and is closed. The verse is quoted (Isaiah 1:18) and the folder is popped open to make the shower of confetti burst in to the air.

You can wrap this up by talking about the great gift of God – forgiveness and peace through the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By Norm Barnhart

Stack of FCM Magazines

This article originally appeared in The Voice of FCM, vol. 59 num. 1.

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