Greatest Commandment: Puppet Script

A puppet script about the greatest commandment, to love God with all your heart.

This skit was performed with a boy puppet behind a stage and someone out front interacting with him

Leader: (Talking to Sunday School class… and is interrupted.)

Puppet: (leader’s name), (leader’s name)

Leader: Well, hello Michael, what are you doing?

Puppet: I am on my way to Bob’s house to do homework.

Leader: That’s right! Today was your first day of school. How was it?

Puppet: Oh, it was okay, I guess.

Leader: Well, did you learn anything?

Puppet: I learned a knock, knock joke. Ya wanna hear it?

Leader: Sure. Puppet: Knock, Knock

Leader: Who’s there?

Puppet: Canoe.

Leader: Canoe who?

Puppet: Canoe help me with my homework?

Leader: That’s funny! How do you like your new teacher?

Puppet: Well, she’s okay. But, I have a question. You’re a teacher aren’t you?

Leader: Yes, I am. (You may need to alter this to a SS teacher etc.)

Puppet: Aren’t teachers supposed to know EVERYTHING?

Leader: Well, teachers do know a lot. They have to go to school a very long time to become a teacher. Why do you ask, (puppets’s name)?

Puppet: Well, I was just asking because today, instead of my teacher teaching us, she kept asking US for all of the answers.

Leader: Oh, (puppets’s name), that’s because she wants to know how smart YOU are! What else happened on your first day?

Puppet: Rules, Rules, Rules. I didn’t know that there would be so many rules at school.

Leader: There are rules everywhere you go, (puppets’s name). Rules are made for a reason.

Puppet: Well, we have 6 rules in our classroom. How am I supposed to remember all of them?

Leader: Oh, you’ll remember them and if not, I’m sure your teacher will remind you often. You know, (puppets’s name), many years ago in Bible times, the people had more than 6 rules to remember. They had over 600 rules to live by! 248 do’s and 365 don’ts.

Puppet: 600! How in the world could they remember all of them?

Leader: It wasn’t easy. All rules are important to follow and they were made for a reason, but one time someone went to Jesus and asked him out of all of the rules or commandments, which one is the greatest? And do you know what he said?

Puppet: What was that?

Leader: He told him that the greatest rule, or commandment, was to love the Lord with all of your heart.

Puppet: Well, that one’s easy to remember, because I DO love God.

Leader: Then, He went on to say that the second commandment is just as important. That is to love your neighbor.

Puppet: Who’s that?

Leader: Your neighbor might be your friend at school, the person you ride on the bus with, the person that lives next door to you, or anyone else you are around. Jesus knew if we would keep these two commandments, we would not have any trouble keeping the others. So now, it’s my turn to tell you a knock, knock joke. Knock, Knock.

Puppet: Who’s there?

Leader: I love.

Puppet: I love who?

Leader: I don’t know, you tell me.

Puppet: That’s easy! I love God and I love my neighbor. Now I have another one for you. Knock, knock.

Leader: Who’s there?

Puppet: Dewey.

Leader: Dewey who?

Puppet: Dewey have to learn all these rules?

Leader: Ha ha! Knock, knock.

Puppet: Who’s there?

Leader: Orange.

Puppet: Orange who?

Leader: Orange you glad you don’t have 613 rules to remember?

Puppet: Knock, knock

Leader: Who’s there?

Puppet: Wooden shoe.

Leader: Wooden shoe who?

Puppet: Wooden shoe like to hear another knock, knock joke?

Leader: Sorry, (puppets’s name), it’s time to get back to Sunday School. Maybe next time you can tell me more jokes. See you later.

Puppet: Bye-Bye

By George & Kristi Mullican

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