Friday Schedule

Time 1 Magic 2 Storytelling 3 Clowning 4 Puppet/Vent 5 Facepainting 6 Balloons
7:45 am

Morning Devotions & Prayer

Chaplain Jill Bryan & You
8:30 am

Announcements & Hour of Power

Featuring: Missionary ED CORBIN as 1850's Circuit Rider Preacher “Ollie Olsen & the Bear”
9:30 am

Pro Series #4

Penguin Magic's Performer/Lecture of the Year Winner, David McCreary will take us on a journey through an amazing peformance and discuss his creative thoughts on developing a show that can work in almost any venue – DON'T leave town early!!!
10:45 am

Annual FCM Auction

Stick around for some great deals!!! This is a highlight every year as many attendees find deep discounts on products, props & resources! Have something to sell? Register your items for auction with "Tricky" Ricky Henson early in the week.
12:00 pm

Packing-Up and Departure

2:00 pm


2:05 pm

Grab a Final Meal with Friends Old & New!