Thursday Schedule

Time 1 Magic 2 Storytelling 3 Clowning 4 Puppet/Vent 5 Facepainting 6 Balloons
7:45 am

Morning Devotions & Prayer

Chaplain Jill Bryan & You
8:00 am

Registration Open

Sign-up for the last day of contest judging.
8:30 am

Announcements & Hour of Power

Featuring: Major ANGELO BERMEO "Love Thy Neighbor"
9:30 am

“The Art of Santa Stories From the North Pole”

The time, the costume, the make-up and the attitude of creating this lovable character! Presenting the most important Christmas Message to children and adults alike! –Roy Stone

“FUNbelievable Puppets – Part 2”

More discussion and demonstrations of: Animatronics, Making Your Own Puppets, Establishing a Puppet Team, Stages, Plus TONS OF PUPPETS! –Greg Phillips

“The Ins & Outs of Air Brush Art”

We will share technique use in air brushing. The 2nd part of the class with will be hands on. –Curt Patty & LenNel Harmon

“Candy Cups”

Come learn the art of the cup. A chance to learn a skill to up sale your art and earn some extra money to play with. Even if you are new grab a balloon, some candy and get strung out on reaching out to others in a whole new way! Attaching designs to anything is a skill so come learn from a master. –Gloria Siegfried
10:45 am

“IMPACT- Successful Magic & Effective Gospel Magic”

HOW to captivate your audience by causing them to SEE THEMSELVES in the effects you perform. Praying for God’s help in your performance material will also be talked about –D.j. Edwards

“The Body Speaks”

Through "body language" and movement we can increase the intensity and/or variation of our message to be received by our audience! Not always just words that communicate, our bodies can also! –Randy Christensen

“Caring Clown 101”

See how to entertain and share hospitals and nursing homes. Sharing 16 years of knowledge, being a caring clown in these situations. –Curt Patty

“Open Mic!”

Take advantage of a great chance to learn and grow in your field of ventriloquism/puppets. Whether you have been performing for a short or long time this is your opportunity to get feedback and assistance from experienced professionals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

“Creating On Stroke Designs with Eva”

Want to learn beautiful easy designs you can make with one stroke cakes and more? Flowers and other beautiful designs. –Eva Lemasters Tahir

“Gospel Story Telling”

Lets take your gift of sharing God's wonderful word and add some visual elements like balloons! Bring your imagination and your willingness to learn some new ideas. –Mary Lemasters Tahir
12:00 pm


1:30 pm

Vendors Open until 2:30

2:00 pm

Pro Series #3

Join International Illusionists, David & Kylie Knight, as they break-down their performance from the night before. You'll get acces into their show format from the preshow aspect to the perfomance!
4:00 pm
4:30 pm

Vendors Open until 5:30

5:00 pm

Dinner Break

6:30 pm
6:50 pm

Pre-Show Show

Ken Sibley
7:00 pm

Evening Show

MC: Randy Christensen; Performances by Eric Reamer, Greg Hamilton, Ed Corbin; Interruptions by Colleen Fouts; Headliner: DAVID McCREARY
8:30 pm

Vendors Open until 9:30

8:45 pm

“Bring it to Life! – LIVE”

Audience-Tested presentations that play successfully for any age. Using various illusions as the vehicle to carry that message, You will see signature routines turned into illustrated messages. –Jamie Doyle

“Publish your Book your Story”

Michael T… with 6 published children's books will share how you can get your book in print & to sell as well! It's no longer a mystery, get self-published soon! –Michael T. Myers

“Clown Humor!”

8 aspects of humor that all clowns should understand and incorporate into their clowning. –Randy Christensen

“Fast Full Faces”

This class demonstrates techniques and show several fast full faces. –Brenda Smith

“Working With What You Have”

Here is a class I have been working on for years. Many times you have scraps or balloons you don't use, come learn some ideas on how you can use them. This is a fun class that will make you think outside your comfort zone. –Gilbert Adams
9:30 pm

Late Show Featuring: DAVID McCREARY

LATE NIGHT — Featuring: David McCreary as "David McCreary"! David will give us an exclusive performance that is researved for select audiences. Clear your schedules for this evening of hilarity!
11:00 pm

Grab a late night meal or snack off-site with some friends — Old and New!