Tuesday Schedule

Time 1 Magic 2 Storytelling 3 Clowning 4 Puppet/Vent 5 Facepainting 6 Balloons
7:45 am

Morning Devotions & Prayer

Chaplain Jill Bryan & You
8:00 am

Registration Open

Sign up for Late Nights and Contests.
8:30 am

Announcements & Hour of Power

Featuring: Pastor Jeffrey LeMasters Tahir: “Something Fishy”
9:45 am

“Exciting Gospel Magic: Something New!”

There's alsways something new from the creative mind of "Tricky" Ricky. Gain new ideas and heartfelt applications to routines YOU CAN DO! –"Tricky" Ricky Henson

“The Power of Story”

Discover how to create compelling stories that connect with hearts and change behavior. Every discipline of FCM can benefit from the power of story. –Jeff Scott

“Let’s Get Started in Ventriloquism”

If you are just starting out in ventriloquism, this class is for you. We will cover the basics of mouth position, learning the hard letters, choosing a voice, and more. Do you have something specific you are struggling with? We will have time to answer questions as well. Ventriloquism is fun and can be learned. So be sure to join us for this beginning class. –Beth Salo

“The Business of Face-Painting”

This class will explain everything you need to know about starting or enhancing your business — from booking to supplies to set up. –Brenda Smith

“This is a Balloon, now lets do something with it”

Learn easy twists and fun things by taking a simple balloon and making it a fun, useful piece of art. You will learn all the basic twists and step-by-steps to bring them all together. New or old this is a class to discover or rediscover so come twist! –David Hill
11:00 am
12:00 pm


1:30 pm

Vendors Open until 2:30

2:00 pm

Pro Series #2 – “Connections Through Clowning”

Join Past President of the World Clown Association & Award Winning Performer, Randy Christensen as he gives us a special performance. Immediately following his performance, he will give us a "behind the scenes" look at the prep and performance – many valuable tips for any performer/presenter!
3:45 pm

“Bible Review Games for any Event”

Games are exciting and fun, they review the Gospel Message taught and measure the children's recall! -Rik and Sue Reuter

“Make and Take Puppets”

Learn about unique puppets that you can make at home and how to use in ministry. Make a noodle puppet and make it unique to you. This could be the start of a puppet ministry for kids, use on a mission trip, VBS activity or a sidekick. Fun for all ages. *20 maximum class size* –Curt Patty

“Holiday Designs and More!”

We are often called upon to face paint for Holiday Events. This class will show you how to turn your ordinary designs into Holiday Creations. –Norma Hill

“Line Balloons”

This is it how to make money doing balloons, how to move a line and how to play with your audience. This clas is a must for all skills – but the trick is knowing when and how. –Angel Bravo
4:30 pm

Vendors Open until 5:30

5:00 pm

Dinner Break

6:30 pm
6:50 pm

Pre-Show Show

Featuring: Keith Gwaltney
7:00 pm

Evening Show

MC: Don Bursell; Performances by: David Hill, Ricky Henson, Jed Crouse; Interruptions by Colleen Fouts; Headliner: ANGELO & VIRGINIA BERMEO
8:30 pm

Vendors Open until 9:30

8:45 pm


Up-close, personal and getting people to use their imaginations! Eric will show you some effects that are perfect for witnessing one-on-one AND usable for sharing the mesage of salvation in a large group setting as well! So many of the routines are easily adaptable for any venue! –Eric Reamer

“Using Illusions to Share The Gospel Story”

Stories of; Creation, fall, atonement, the nature of God and what God wants from us! Shared with homemade and purchased illusions. –Robert (Bob) Charleston

“Beginning Puppetry”

Basic manipulation all the way to the animation of the puppets. Also puppet ministry songs. –Colleen Fouts

“Dips and Solids”

Learn what Dips and Solids are and how to use them. –LenNel Harmon

“Mailbox Creations”

Come see them in action… find out that many you can wear or hand out. Some are easy and some are advanced. No postage needed just a balloon a box and a gift of time. Deliver a first class smile to your neighbors! –Gilbert Adams
9:30 pm

Late Show

LATE NIGHT — Featuring: Jed Crouse, Daniel Lusk & YOU! Want to perform? Sign up at the registration table during the Convention
11:00 pm

Grab a late night meal or snack off-site with some friends — Old and New!