Wednesday Schedule

Time 1 Magic 2 Storytelling 3 Clowning 4 Puppet/Vent 5 Facepainting 6 Balloons
7:45 am

Morning Devotions & Prayer

Chaplain Jill Bryan & You
8:00 am

Registration Open

Sign-up for Late Nights and Contests.
8:30 am

Announcements & Hour of Power

Featuring: Pastor D.j. Edwards "The Magicians Bible Verse"
9:30 am

Annual Business Meeting

Plan on attending if you are a member. ANY business items you want considered for the agenda must be turned into President Jamie Doyle by Tuesday @ Noon.
11:30 am
12:00 pm


1:30 pm

Vendors Open until 2:30

2:30 pm

“Great Family Magic”

Magic designed to entertain those family audiences with a mixture of ages so that everyone has a great time at your program while also receiving a message. –Arron Gillam

“Incorporating Your Story Throughout your Presentation”

Let your story through subtlety and intention lead your audience to the Gospel Message, while fully entertaining them! –Jeffrey Lemasters Tahir

“The Clown In Ministry…”

Philosophy, history, opportunities & ideas on using traditional clowning to minister in & from the church setting. –Randy Christensen

“Puppets in Ministry ~ Give your Puppets a Hand”

Using your puppets in ministry settings, solo & group, kid's ministry, nursing homes, missions & church.Recorded scripts and songs as well as live performances. Understand the importance and opportunity in reaching souls for Christ by using puppetry. –Colleen Fouts

“Birthday Parties and Beyond”

Fast and easy designs kids love! –Stacy Foley

“Hats, Hats, Hats: The thoughts and ideas are inside your head”

Twist some balloons… and put them on your head. Learn to make some really fun balloons to wear. Take an idea you have and make it come to life. Grab your balloons and lets get to growing your skills! –Gwen Clark
3:30 pm

“Let The Bible Speak”

Bringing Bible stories to life using creativity and any other elements needed to complete the learning experience! –Mary Lemasters Tahir

“5 Easy Steps to Ventriloquism”

Simple ventriloquism ideas & techniques — as well as the rabbit in the hat puppet. –"Tricky" Ricky Henson

“Mix up, Mash Up Designs: Thinking out of the Box”

Create some exciting, new designs for your next event. Popular characters, fun designs and more. –Norma Hill

“Magic with Balloons”

A fun way to add balloons to your show. Learn the skill and handling as well as a new way to look at doing magic. Magicians, balloonatics, storytellers all will be blessed by this wonderful class! –Don Nelson
4:30 pm

Vendors Open until 5:30

5:00 pm

Dinner Break

6:30 pm
6:50 pm

Pre-Show Show

Featuring: Greg Phillips "Professor Phillips' Amazing Flea Circus"
7:00 pm

Evening Show

MC: Aaron Gillam; Performances by: Brad Brown, Curt & Diana Patty; Interruptions by Colleen Fouts; Headliner: DAVID & KYLIE KNIGHT
8:30 pm

Vendors Open until 9:30

8:45 pm

“FUNbelievable Gospel Magic & More!”

Greg's workshop will feature some unique takes on classic effects with a FUNBELIEVABLE Gospel twist. See Greg's "magnetic" dye-tube, his take on the coin pail and see more. All delivered in his crazy, inimitable, mile a minute style! –Greg Phillips

“Faith, Fables and Folktales”

This workshop will look at timeless fables and stories that present strong possibilities for use by Christian entertainers in their programs with corresponding Scripture verses as well! –Jeff Scott



“Using Magic Tricks with you Puppet – Part 2”

You will learn different easy magic tricks that you can use with your puppet or before introducing your puppet. –Greg Hamilton

“How God can use us in ministry while sharing the art of face painting, glitter tattoos & air brushing”

Want to explore more ministry ways to serve God in a unique way? Face painting can be more than a business it can open doors into ministry. –LenNel Harmon & Diana Patty

“Yard Art”

Learn to catch folks eyes by bright colorful designs in your yard or for delivery. You will also gain the secret on how put them in the yard to keep from popping. –Nick Geigle
9:30 pm

Late Show

LATE NIGHT — Featuring: Jed Crouse, Daniel Lusk & YOU! Want to perform? Sign up at the registration table during the Convention
11:00 pm

Grab a late night meal or snack off-site with some friends — Old and New!