In the Beginning, God!

This article is written to take our thoughts back to the Majesty and Wonder of our Mighty God and the Beginning of Time. Enjoy!


Prepare seven cards with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 printed on them. They can be any size but I recommend that you print each number on a standard size sheet of paper (8 1/s” X 11″) as these can easily be seen by both large and small audiences. Paste each sheet on poster board or laminate them to stiffen and keep them from folding over as each one is displayed in your presentation. Secretly prearrange the cards in this order; 2, 3, 4, 1, 6, 5, 7 (as shown in the illustration) before you get to program.

Number cards ordered as 2341657

For this routine, you might consider having three people come up from the audience to assist you by holding the number cards after you reveal each number. When you show the number 1 card, hand it to one of your helpers to hold up and display that card. When you reveal the 2 card, give it to another helper to hold up and display. As you show the 3 card, give it to your last helper to display for the audience to see. As you continue to count the cards and reveal card number 4, give card 4 to the helper that is holding card number 1. Have that person display both cards by holding one in each hand. After you count to card 5 and show it, do the same with the person holding card 2. Give him/her card 5 to hold along with card 2. They hold one card in each hand as the first helper is doing. The helper holding card 3 will do the same thing with card 6 after you count to it and show it. This will leave your three helpers holding two cards in each of their hands. The first helper will have cards 1 and 4, the second helper will have cards 2 and 5, and your last helper will be holding cards 3 and 6. You will wind up with the card number 7 which you hold up to display and end the routine with your comments about God finishing creation and resting on the third day. (All this information will become clearer to you as you practice the routine.)

Here’s how you spell the cards to reveal each number throughout your presentation: Hold the stack of number cards face down in your left hand as you deal them off one by one from the top of the stack to the bottom as you spell each letter of the number. As you finish spelling each number, turn over the next card and display it so your audience can clearly see the number just spelled. Remove that card from the stack and have it displayed so your audience can see it throughout the presentation. The packet gets smaller by one card every time you count and display the numbers. You will be left with one card in your hand, the number 7.


“GENESIS 1:1, THE FIRST VERSE IN THE BIBLE SAYS THIS, ‘In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth!’ … And the Word continues on to tell us that GOD Created Everything in SIX DAYS.”

“On the FIRST Day, God created LIGHT.”

Spell the word ONE by moving the top card to the bottom of the packet as you say the letter O. Continue as you move the next top card to the bottom as you say the letter N. Move the new top card to the bottom as you say the letter E. Now turn over the next top card and display it to reveal the number 1.

“God separated the light from the darkness. There was evening and morning– the FIRST DAY.”

(Hand card 1 to one of your helpers.)

“On the SECOND Day, God created the FIRMAMENT.”

Spell the word TWO by moving the next top card to the bottom as you say T. Move next top card to bottom as you say W. Move next top card to the bottom as you say O. Turn the next top card over and display the number 2.

“This is the atmosphere. God separated the water covered earth from the clouds above– the SECOND DAY.”

(Hand card 2 to one of your other helpers.)

“On the THIRD Day, God created LAND and VEGETATION.”

Continue to spell the word THREE in the same manner you spelled ONE and TWO; then turn over the next top card to display the number 3.

“God prepared food before he created any living creature on earth– the THIRD DAY.”

(Hand card 3 to the third helper.)

“On the FOURTH Day, God created the SUN, MOON, and STARS.”

Continue spelling the number FOUR as you did in ONE, TWO, and THREE above. Turn over the next top card and show the number 4.

“Notice that on the FIRST day, God created Light, and three days later, on the FOURTH day He created the Sun, Moon, and Stars.”

(Give card 4 to the helper holding card 1. Have your helper display the cards by holding one in each hand.)

“On the FIFTH Day, God created the SEA ANIMALS and BIRDS.”

Continue spelling the number FIVE as you did with the other numbers above. Show card 5.

“Like day one and day four parallel each other so does days two and five. On the SECOND day, God separated the Clouds in the air for the birds and the waters on the earth for the fish, and three days later, on the FIFTH day, He created the Sea Animals and Birds.”

(Give card 5 to the helper holding card 2. Have your helper display the cards by holding one in each hand.)

“On the SIXTH Day, God created the LAND ANIMALS and MAN.”

Continue spelling the number SIX as above. Show the number 6 card.

“Like day one and day four, along with day two and day five, days three and six parallel each other. On the THIRD day, God created the Land and Vegetation for the Animals and Man, and three days later, on the SIXTH day, He created the Land Animals and Man. And God saw all that He made, and it was VERY GOOD!”

(Give card 6 to the helper holding card 3. Have your helper display the cards by holding one in each hand.)

“Then, On the SEVENTH Day, GOD RESTED!”

Display the number 7 card as you say this.

“GOD BLESSED THE SEVENTH DAY AND MADE IT HOLY, and HE RESTED from all the work of Creating that He had done.”

(Be sure to thank your helpers as you have them return to their seats.) May our Lord richly bless you all as you use your talents to spread the Gospel!

By Del Wilson

This article originally appeared in The Voice of FCM, vol. 61 num. 5.

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