2019-03 Green Country Tulsa OK Chapter meeting

We had a great time at the March meeting last night, though we missed our friends and family-in-Christ that were unable to attend. Read on to remember what we learned, or see what you missed.

  • Upcoming April Devotion/Mini-Lesson: Pastor Bret Luallan
  • Upcoming Special Lecture: Pastor Nathan J. Roberts – Music & More
  • Upcoming April Theme: Magic in Music & Honoring Our Mothers

We had twenty four in attendance at our March meeting. Ish Engle opened up the meeting in Prayer.

Tim Ward will be performing May 31st. He will hopefully have location(s) and time(s) for his “open to the public” performances posted soon so we can go support him.

Doug Anderson will be performing at the Melting Pot at the Riverwalk in Jenks again this year.
• Sunday April 14, 6-9
• Tuesday May 14, 6-9
• Tuesday June 18, 6-9
• Sunday July 14, 6-9
• Sunday August 11, 6-9
• Sunday September 15, 6-9
• Sunday October 20, 6-9
Please be in prayer for Doug while he is on a mission trip to Honduras. March 16-23 and while on their trip to China April 1-15.

Del Wilson’s series of 12 Gospel tricks with… are in the process of being put together and published as one hardbound book. Isn’t that exciting? If you’d like to get in on that excitement, Del has made the generous offer of allowing you to submit your original trick and Gospel application to him by our next meeting, and it might include it in his compilation book. Del is also looking for our creativity in coming up with a name for his new compilation book. Email your suggestions to delwilsonworld@gmail.com.

Doug Anderson gave a itty bitty lecture on being prepared. Using an example of how a couple of props arrived to the performance place broken. Had he not had a few well-rehearsed back up tricks that he could fall back on, he would have been in violation of his contract. So always be prepared.

Ish Engle brought us our Mini lesson, and taught us how to make a Lotta Bowl in case of an emergency or if you’re on a budget. He still highly recommended purchasing the “real thing” from your local magic shop, but emphasized this DIY version was good to know for one-off performances and emergencies. If you couldn’t make it, you missed a great idea – ask Ish next time you talk with him! Thank you, Ish.

Kevin Clouse was our guest lecturer. Kevin furnished handouts explaining everything he shared, so we could take them with us. Here are a few of the things he shared. The theme of his lecture was It Happened By Accident. Thomas Edison found that the light bald was an invention with a thousand steps. The creative God created you to be creative.
• Kevin taught us that hair spray fades chalk away before it brings it back in full color.
• Then people holding the letters EASTER, re-arranged to spell TEASER, ERASE, EASE, SEA, AS, S, the S stands for our Savior. Turn the card around you have a picture of a man representing Jesus, now you have a chance to share Jesus.
• Misc. Trash, After a volunteer puts them in # order they turn their letter’s around and their letters
• Alliteration – A group of lying Llamas. He was able to choose the chosen Llama by spelling out the wrong color of llama truth and chose the correct llama.
• Kevin introduced us to a new puppet. Jake the Snake.’’
• Kevin suggested if you have an Axtel Marker board that you use it to mark on before you use the board to talk with. Even after you use the big board and you erase the board you can make the eraser talk with a muffle talk.

Tonight’s Performers
Roger Cornelson performed a silk hanky. He tried to Hypnotize the hanky to stay standing. Which he did. Then he used his magic keys to make a coin disappear out of his hand.

William Hatfield performed a little bit of unprepared prestidigitation by taking a piece of paper, folded it in half several times and it turned into a dollar bill.

Tim Ward performed a color changing feather routine, with a very powerful message. The first feather turned white representing Jesus conquering sin by becoming the final sacrifice, making our sins as white as snow. The second feather was brown, represented one of the thieves on the cross., the one that recognized Jesus as the Savior. The brown feather became white as he was going to be with Jesus in forgiven and be with Jesus in Paradise. The 2nd brown feather stayed brown. Because it is possible to say no to Jesus too many times.

Billy Hatfield performed with his money all mixed up. He tied it into the scriptural reference found in 2 Timothy 1:7 God does not give us the Spirit of fear, but of power of love and of a sound mind. And now all the money is in order. Let God keep your mind straight and the rest will turn out alright.

Ish Engle performed a Two-Coin, coin trick. He took one coin, put it in his pocket, and always have two in his hand because this was a Two Coin Trick. At the end he finally made them all vanish.

Del Wilson used the Pom-pom Pole by attaching money to one pom and a cross to another pom. The message was you can not serve God and money. You will serve one or the other. Choose you this day, tell me who will you serve, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15.

Nathan J. Roberts went ice fishing, but he wasn’t catching a thing. A little boy started ice fishing not far from where Nathan was, and the little boy was catching a fish every 5 min. Nathan asked the little boy how he was doing that. The little boy just mumbled. Nathan asked again. The little boy mumbled again. Once again Nathan asked the little boy why he was able to catch fish, and he wasn’t. The little boy spit out a mouth full of worms and said “you gotta keep your worms warm.” ?

Nathan then performed a trick from Harry Anderson. This card trick is performed with three cards: The devil will try to get you to gamble with your life. Shuffles the cards. Don’t gamble your life away. Only two winning hands, two of those were nailed to a tree. All three cards changed to King of hearts.

Tyler Jackson showed a mixed-up Rubik’s cube. Life is like a Rubik’s Cube. Life is all mixed up, but God can fix all things. The cube is back to perfection in many different ways. A toss behind the back, a snap of the fingers, a drop in the bag, or a toss in the air.

Kevin Clouse tore a dollar, handed a volunteer the torn part and vanished the rest of the dollar. We went in search of the dollar. We searched in nesting boxes, finding YELLOW tissue paper that reminded us of Heaven where the streets are made of pure gold. That brought us to a BLACK tissue paper, that reminds us that we are separate from God because of our sin. Then we had RED tissue paper that reminds us of the love and blood that Jesus shed on the Cross to be the final sacrifice , which brings us to WHITE, Jesus took our sins and makes them as white as snow, makes us justified, just as if we’d never sinned. Next came GREEN tissue paper, to be obedient to him and grow by reading the Bible and prayer. Inside the green tissue paper was a roll of lifesavers candy. The volunteer broke open the lifesavers and inside was the dollar bill, matching up with the torn piece of the dollar bill left behind from the beginning of the trick.

Doug Anderson starts with five one dollar bills that total five dollars. Counts them out individually. With a flourish of the wrist they changed to $20’s. He individually showed each one front and back counts them out as five, twenty dollar bills totaling $100 dollars before restoring them to five, $1. Message: “Give to God, let Him provide the increase.”

Vice President Ralph Hendrex continues his Attitude of Giving by providing two wonderful, brand-new props – a Cloth Botania and Grant’s Potato Box, that went to one member in the “attendance drawing” and to another in the “performance drawing”. Kevin Clouse also donated one of his snakes (you had to be there!) and Doug Anderson donated a book on “dollar bill origami”.
• Thank you to our wonderful secretary Bettena Leforce for being so prompt in getting the meeting notes so quickly.
• Thank you for the wonderful folks at the Mazzio Pizza @ the Farm for their hard work.
• Thank YOU for your attendance and to learn more as we strive to accomplish Vision2020 (becoming more effective entertainers and more effective at sharing the Gospel of Jesus, we look forward to seeing you at the April meeting!

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