Atlanta Chapter FCM meeting held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson on April 12, 2012.

Yes!  Another great Atlanta Chapter FCM meeting!  The meeting was held at the home 
of John and Julia Jefferson on April 12, 2012.  Those in attendance were John and Julia 
Jefferson, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Leland Davis, Randy Burt, Lynn Fox, Jim Magus and 
Judy Neyland.
We were entertained and informed with Duane Laflin’s “Magic for the Master” DVD on the 
Professor’s Nightmare and then adjourned to the Magic room for time of sharing and great 
We are looking forward to next month’s meeting on May 10, 2012 at the home of John and 
Julia Jefferson.  As always, we would love to see new faces!
Attached are the detailed minutes of the April meeting.
Until Then,
Keep the “SON” Shining…

The April meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held on April 12, 2012 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson, Randy Burt, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Lynn Fox, Jim Magus, Leland Davis, and Judy Neyland.

After our dinner, we watched a DVD on “Professor’s Nightmare”—Duane Laflin’s “Magic for the Master The Professor’s Nightmare With Special Ending and Gospel Lesson!” Lynn demonstrated several other great versions of the trick. Thanks, Lynn!!

Randy opened our meeting with pray after which John read the letter from David Ginn, offering to come to our house and give us a demonstration of his effects. We all agreed that a Sat. would be a good idea!! We will check into a time.

John reported on the Tampa, FL conference, Magic 4Him, that John and Julia attended in March. The conference was very well organized and well worth the drive!! John showed several effects to the group that he saw at the conference including Del Wilson’s jump rope effect! John showed the group the effect and will send all of the members the patter as it was well worth repeating! John said he would save the Coke bottle effect until our next meeting. John paraphrased a statement Duane Laflin made during the conference:–a way to get applause—“I just did something with my hands, now you can do something with yours!” Also, the world does not really want to see “Magic”—they just want to be entertained.

Rick said he would share with us how to make a rose out of special tissue paper. We are looking forward to that!

Randy demonstrated a rope trick and patter that is great for children—tying shoes—fast!! He ties the knot and then it disappears!! The knot can represent sin and trying to hide it, but there it is!! God does not want us to cover our sins, but to remove them permanently. Great use of a knot!

Rick gave to each of us the card trick he made up for us from last month. Thank you, Rick, and thank you, Jim for the original idea!!

Leland said he appreciates the fact that we use and share gospel illustrations and applications and that we are given the opportunity to perform in front of each other in an atmosphere of kindness and Christian love. We concur!!

Jim shared a touching story about a salesman, his Porsche and a small child, to demonstrate that which is truly valuable. Jim also introduced us to his pet dog, Frank—a hot dog, of course. His dog could do lots of tricks: stay, play dead, jump into a kerchief, turn invisible (dog gone!). Frank is the only invisible dog—if there is another one, I haven’t seen him! Thanks for the cute routine!

Judy Neyland, our newest member, said she has used the rope trick that John showed her how to do and gave her, in her mission work at a nursing home! We are so proud of you, Judy—way to go!! Judy asked each of us to give a short bio of our time in magic so that she can get to know us better.

Randy has been doing magic for 30 years—part time—churches, banquets, special needs adults, Indian missions.

Rick has been performing for about 6 years—Sunday School, missions work, hay rides, Word of Life Rally, etc.

Leland does illusions for children and middle aged kids, on weekends. He is really just getting back into magic.

Jim has been doing magic for many years—kids’ shows, mentalism shows, etc. He has been doing Gospel magic since 2010—in Sunday School and with his grandchildren.

John has been doing magic for about 35 years. He has basically “retired” but enjoys doing Gospel messages for our church groups. John is enjoying sharing with the FCM each month.

John then laid out several items and asked each person to take as many as he/she wanted and make up a magic trick with them!! Randy made the wooden snake into Moses’ staff; Jim did a mental trick—truth or lie with Angela and Rick; Randy used several props to tell the story of Jonah and his trip to Nineva as well as a white and blue chip to illustrate that Adam and Eve “blew” it when they disobeyed God; Leland used the snake as the tempter of Adam and Eve, used the lion as the Lion of Judah (Jesus). John “exposed” the pencil-behind-the-ear trick while vanishing Randy’s watch! Well done, all!!!

John reminded us of the next meeting, May 10th, and he closed our meeting with prayer. As always, we are truly looking forward to next month’s sharing and fellowship!