Another terrific  FCM  meeting was held at the home of John Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Scott and Angie Gentry, Leland Davis, Randy Burt and two young men who are friends of Scott.  Eddie Davis called and said he has been ill and hopes to be able to come to the next meeting.  Our prayers go out to Eddie.

After refreshments, we watched a video on thumb tips and then adjourned to the “Magic Room” to share our effects and experiences in sharing the Gospel this month.  As always it was a great night of sharing and giving!

We decided that next month we would focus on the use of silks, and that we would meet at 6:30 p.m.

Please mark your calendar for our next meeting June 9, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.  Hope to see you then!!

Keep the “SON” Shining…………………


I thank Julia for the following notes of our last meeting:

              ATLANTA CHAPTER—FCM MINUTES—May 12, 2011

The third meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Atlanta, GA Chapter, took place at the home of John Jefferson—1500 Heath Lane, Marietta, GA 30062 on May 12, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

The following were in attendance:  John and Julia Jefferson, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Scott and Angie Gentry, Leland Davis, Randy Burt and two guests of Scott—Joe and Chris.  We were delighted to have our young guests attend the meeting.

Rick opened our meeting with prayer.

The meeting began with refreshments after which we adjourned to the family room to watch a 45 minute video of a Patrick Page Thumb Tip Lecture that was done in 1981.

We then went to the Magic Room where John shared his card trick as Julia read the script to, “A Soldier’s Bible”.  John ended the effect with a Jesus silk.  John gave each person the script to “A Soldier’s Bible”.    John then showed the group the Symbolic Deck of cards made by Doc. Haley.

John shared his Spiral trick to the enjoyment of all as his head appeared rather large!

Randy said that Tricky Ricky Henson sent us his best and would love to be able to attend a meeting with us.  He is on his way to Mississippi at this time.

Rick shared his message and mouth coil trick using a bag of bubble gum.  Rick had each person take a piece of gum and asked each of us to begin chewing the gum.  He then said that when we first come to Christ we get chewed up a bit by others as we share our faith.  He asked us to try to stretch the gum from our mouths.  Some of were able to stretch it more than others.  He then told us that sometimes our walk with God is short and other times it is longer.  Rick then pulled out a very long piece of “gum”—skinny mouth coil—saying that God wants us to have a very long walk with Him on a daily basis.  Rick gave each person a “skinny” mouth coil !

Rick also shared the thumb cuff effect saying that our sins tie us up and God says that if you cover your sins with His blood (cover cuffs with silk), He will take your sins away and set you free!

Our emphasis this meeting was to be on thumb tips.  Randy told us that his use of a thumb tip always baffles his audience even though other tricks may be “flashier”.

Scott demonstrated his lighted thumb tip and the way he uses it .

Randy demonstrated the use of the thumb tip and gave tips and suggestions to make the effect more effective.  He also demonstrated sponge balls.

Angela said Rick used several of John’s gag jokes that he showed us last month.  Rick was working with first and second graders and they really loved the “Red E”.

John reminded us of several gags—Have 2 pieces of paper with the letter C on them .  The letters are colored red.  Move them across each other and they become the crossing of the “Red C” –move them away from each other and they become the parting of the “Red C”.

John shared “The Missing Piece” effect.  He asked Angie to put the 4 pieces of the Gospel dollar together then turn it over and do the same thing.  When she turned the pieces over and tried to put them together, there was a piece missing!  John had the missing piece—Jesus—who is the Peace of your life.  John then gave each person the effect and the  the instructions.

John shared Duane Laflin’s book Look and Laugh.  Randy told us that Duane is opening at the Magic Palace in Pigeon Forge.

John and Julia demonstrated the tale of the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s “death”.  John then gave each person a script of the tale.

John shared with our guests the information about the FCM and how to join if they wish.  He gave them application forms noting the sole purpose of our organization is to share Jesus Christ using magic, balloons, clown presentations, etc.

We then closed our meeting in prayer.