ATLANTA CHAPTER Minutes for April 14, 2011

Our second FCM Atlanta Area meeting was a great success, with every member sharing a trick or two.  The following are the notes from the meeting taken by Julia Jefferson.

REMEMBER:  We meet the second Thursday of each month, thus the next meeting will be held on Thursday May 12th. 

Keep the “SON” Shining……………..


               ATLANTA CHAPTER FCM MINUTES April 14, 2011

The second meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Atlanta, GA Chapter, took place at the home of John Jeffersonó 1500 Heath Lane, Marietta, GA 30062 April 14, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

The following were in attendance:  John and Julia Jefferson, Randy Burt, Rick and Angela Jeffers, and Leland Davis.

The meeting began with refreshments thanks, Angela for the delicious chicken/rice casserole!

Rick led us in prayer   then the sharing began!!  Randy shared his pen to neck chain effect and his Disbanded pot holder loop illusion.  Randy then did a rope effect making a bow, and then a knot that is not a knot.  He shared a story with the trick about the fact that as a young boy, he would untie his shoes because he loved to watch his mom tie them so quickly.  His mother, after having gone to a magic shop, then tied the laces into a knot and then made the knot disappear!  Obviously Randy told a great story I have only quickly summarized it!

Randy also used the rope to show that nothing should separate us from God, but sin represented by a knot does.  God wants us not to cover up our sin, but to accept the fact that Jesus has totally washed away our sin thus the knot disappears– when we confess our sins.

Rick shared his 4 Aces Card Trick with a great message about the blessings of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.   John shared another version of the trick.

Rick shared his book Seriously Silly by David Kaye as a great source especially for children ‘s magic.

Randy told us a story using green, yellow and blue balloons and then twisted the balloons to make an octopus!  He emphasized that we should make two syllables out   of each color:  green; blue; and yeller.

John followed with his world’s fastest balloon animal maker routine.  He made a   Blue Jay—a blue balloon shaped like the letter J; a brown worm, and a fish.  Of course, he wore a silly hat and called himself a Balloonologist.

Randy and John then shared ideas for Rocky the raccoon.

John taught the group a slight-of hand card trick.  He gave each person a set of cards and asked them to practice and show the group at the next meeting!

Randy gave all of us a card gadget trick that involved a card that changes to another card ìmagicallyî.

John shared his Magic Light Bulb illusion with a lamp and aluminum foil.  He plugged the lamp into the only real power source the Bible, and the light shone.

John also shared his    RUE gag Are You Red E?  the letter E is the color red.

He shared his gag cards such as, name a four-legged animal (have a stick animal drawn), a type of cereal (bar code), 2 letters of the alphabet ( 2 Chinese characters), and who is the King of your heart?(Jesus card)

John shared his acrostic:   CAT—Concede, Atone, and Trust as a way to salvation.

‘Randy shared a story using the Noah’s Ark changing bag, and then showed us his thumb tip which was really a tip covering two fingers very effective!

Leland then shared his Ring on a Chain effect and gave all of us the ring and the chain.  The ring represents a person and the chain represents God.  We try to do the right things but we constantly mess up the ring falls over the chain and on to the floor.  If we hold on to God ring is caught by the chain He will never forsake us.  Because Jesus died for us, God sees Jesus when he looks at us.  Leland said this and many other effects can be found on the DVD by Duane Laflin’s son, Tricks You Can Make.

What a great night.  We are truly looking forward to our next meeting!!

John closed the meeting with prayer.