Atlanta Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians October 12, 2023

Atlanta Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians

October 12, 2023

The October meeting of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  The following were in attendance:  John and Julia Jefferson; Mark and Melissa Childers; Eugene and Melissa McBrayer; Chico and Marsha Nix.

Several of our members were not able to make it this time but we were delighted to meet friends of Mark and Melissa Childers—Chico and Marsha!!  They are both entertainers and Chico was a member of the FCM in the past.  We do hope they will be able to join our fellowship and be a part of our family.

We thank Melissa and Mark for bringing a wonderful cake for our dessert.  What a treat after our meal of spaghetti! I am amazed at the speed at which my dishes were rinsed and put in the dishwasher!!  Must be Magic!!!  Thanks, ladies.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, JANUARY 11, 2024, at the home of John and Julia Jefferson beginning at 6:30 p.m. as we will not have meetings in either November or December.  We wish all a lovely Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas!!

The following is the summary of our October meeting.

Keep the “SON” shining…


John and Julia Jefferson


We opened with prayer and John welcomed our guests, Chico and Marsha.  John presented them with the book, “What a Fellowship” and told them we would love for them to join our group.  We do hope they will!

John then showed the group a special light bulb that lights up by just holding it!  It is different from the older version as it is easier to “work” as it does not require a piece of metal, and is much brighter.  John bought it from Tricky Ricky at the conference.  Much to our surprise we found it at Walmart with all of the regular bulbs!!  It is a 40-watt equivalent LED bulb battery backup lamp E26 medium base, Non-dimmable soft white.  It is about $10.00.  Some of our friends actually use them in their lamps.  They don’t know the secret of making it light up without being in the lamp. Shhh…

John announced that he is selling his magic DVDs and much of his magic as we are finally planning to actually retire from doing magic.  He will offer his magic at a very discounted price to our members.

John then gave away a really lovely yearly planner with devotions.  I am sure that Melissa Childers will enjoy using it.

John and Julia then presented their routine that they performed at their Adult 60+ group this morning.  It was called King of Hearts. Julia said that John 14:6 states that Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one can come to the Father except through me.”  This is confirmation that we have a free choice.  We can choose to accept Jesus for who He said He is, or not.

John had a prediction in an envelope.  He asked Mark to pick any card from a deck of cards.  He asked Mark to show it to all.  It was the king of hearts.  John then opened the envelope and showed that he had predicted that card!  Well, it was a poster with pictures of all 52 cards (hahaha). John then turned the large poster over and there was a very large king of hearts!! The message:  there is only one way to get to Heaven, and that is Jesus.  Hopefully, He is the King of your heart!!  Julia then asked John if he has chosen Jesus as the King of his heart.  At that point John ripped open his shirt (snaps) showing his King of Hearts t-shirt!!!  Our audience was delighted and laughed with such beautiful smiles!

Well, Melissa was next and she shared some cute jokes that she found online on the FCM website.  I remember 2 of them.

How do celebrities keep their cool? Answer:  They have lots of fans!

My husband asked for Chapstick and I accidentally gave him my glue stick.  Now he is not talking to me!!

Thanks, Melissa, for making us laugh.

Mark then asked John to help him with a mathematically driven illusion.  He shuffled the large cards and then asked John to spell the number one as he moved the large cards from top to bottom. A picture of the image of Christ appeared as the next card.  He spelled out the numbers 2,3, and 4 and the same thing occurred.  As each picture was shown, Mark named them slightly differently:  Christ; Christ Jesus; Christ Jesus the Lord; and Christ Jesus, Lord and Saviour.  Mark explained that Jesus is truly all we have.  Choose Jesus or you have chosen hell.  Jesus is the Messiah (Christ) of the world.  It is a mystifying trick to any audience and the message is truly the Gospel.  The name of the trick is “That’s My Saviour”.  Thanks so much for sharing!

Eugene thanked everyone for praying for him and for Melissa as they continue to make decisions involving their church and work.  Eugene has cut back on some of his responsibilities in both areas and they both feel they are going in the right direction.

Melissa said she has enjoyed the Sunday School lessons that Mark Childers has been putting on Facebook through his church.  Mark was asked to share the website! Go to Facebook and to Sweetwater Baptist Church.

Chico shared some of his many ministries with which he has been involved over the years.  Magic, vent, “Prophets Quartet”, etc. We would love to hear more about the exciting life he has led!!  He has been requested to bring one of his hand-made vent puppets to the next meeting!

Marsha and Chico have supported each other since their marriage as Marsha plays the guitar and violin and is a part of Chico’s performances.  P.S.  You can come and visit Muffin anytime!!

Our meeting was closed with prayer but we found it difficult to say goodbye.  The fellows went up to the magic room and we girls just had fun getting to know each other better.  What a blessing it is to be able to share and laugh and pray together.  We look forward to many more years of fellowship.

SEE YOU ALL IN…    JANUARY!!!  January 11, 2024

May God grant you peace and grace,

Julia Jefferson (and John)