Atlanta Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians September 14, 2023

Atlanta Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians
September 14, 2023
The September meeting of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  The following were in attendance:  John and Julia Jefferson; John and Bonnie Abbott; Mark and Melissa Childers; Eugene and Melissa McBrayer; Beth and Nels Salo; Randy Burt; Leland and Brenda Davis; Ricky Henson; Bob Colby.
Judy Beatty (Neyland) was not able to attend but we were able to enjoy her banana bread from April (Julia froze the leftovers). Beth brought some Indonesian goodies made by her daughter-in-law—a real treat!!   Also, we thank Cheri Colby for sending us some delicious “Laura Bush” cookies!!!
Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 12, 2023 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting will start at 7:15.
The following is the summary of our September meeting.
Keep the “SON” shining…
John and Julia Jefferson:
We opened with prayer and John J. welcomed all.  We were delighted that Beth and Nels were able to come! We are so glad their son and his family live in GA!!   Beth has retired from being secretary of the FCM but is still involved with the organization working on the FCM online museum.  We really appreciate the hundreds of hours she spends to ensure that the organization remembers its past.  Bob Colby popped in from Texas!!  What a great surprise!!  We missed Cheri but did enjoy her cookies!  We are also glad that Bob’s granddaughter lives in GA!!
John J. gave the book, “What a Fellowship” to those who were not here last month.  Beth had given them to John to distribute.  Thank you!
John J.  shared highlights of the FCM conference including the tribute to Andre Cole and the fact that Lance Burton attended the conference, presented a lecture and signed posters, etc.!!!  Lance joined the FCM.  We all noted his humble nature and his knowledge.  Leland seconded the above and noted that he and Brenda really enjoyed this year’s conference.  Brenda was impressed with the professionalism that is shown in the evening shows as well as the sweet fellowship.  They were able to stay on the premises in their travel trailer—very convenient!
There are rumors that a new hotel will probably be built very close to the conference facility.  We would love to see that happen!!
John J. noted that although the FCM has 744 members, only about 140 attended the conference.  “Back in the day” we would have over 1,000 attendees!!
Leland was recognized as the new secretary at the business meeting!!!  We are so proud!!  Also, John J. was recognized with a certificate and a plaque for having been a loyal member of the FCM for FIFTY years!!!  We have no idea where the time went, but the FCM has been, and still is, a big part of our lives. We are grateful for all those who work so hard to keep it going.
Next year’s conference will be July 28–August 1, 2024 at the same location.
Tricky Ricky gave us an update on his ministry.  Just in the months of July and August he has ministered to hundreds of people in at least 8 states!!  This is what he does.  What a blessing he is to so many.  He thanks all of those who are able to support his efforts.  He asked for prayer for his daughter and a praise that the lightning bolt that hit his house did not cause a fire!!!  We are so glad that Ricky was able to come to the meeting.
P.S.  Did we hear that Ricky showed Lance Burton his “Miser’s Dream”?
Mark showed us an effect he has been working on for a while.  He produced several really colorful, fanciful umbrellas.  He needed suggestions as to what he could call 2 of them as related to their color.  I think that perhaps a frog (green) and a whale (blue) were thoughts?  We all bring our “works in progress” to our meetings and there is always someone to give us a great idea!!
Melissa, what did Mark give you for your birthday?  Could it be that adorable white, mint condition VW in our driveway?  I don’t think I have ever seen Melissa so excited!  Mark, you really came through!  We are happy for both of you.  Maybe next time I will get a short ride?  Just enjoy.
Okay, now for more fun.  For the last few years, John has bought several trunks and boxes full of magic from the auction at the conference.  He neatly puts them on tables in our house and gives it all away to our members—actually all of it has to be taken before anyone can leave!!  John gave out numbers and plastic bags and the hunt began.  It is always a fun meeting. Thanks, John.
As always, we love to hear from each one of us.  John Abbott said that he decided to go back to work as a physical therapist.  Word has it that he has already shared a certain gospel rope trick with his boss—no surprise to us!!  Also, he and Bonnie have been busy doing Foam parties!!  Check it out at Rome.Foam.Com.  Bonnie has a frozen shoulder and would like prayer for healing.
Bonnie then regaled us with her wonderful jokes!  Want an example?  OK—What do lawyers wear to court?  Answer:  Lawsuits!!  One more:  What has more lives than a cat?  Answer:  A frog, because it croaks every day!!  They were so cute that John J. asked for a copy of the jokes to use with our Life After Fifties group at church!!  Thanks, Bonnie.  You are a treasure.
Eugene is still working with the local football team.  He is known as the “magic preacher”.  The boys listen to his words and respond, sometimes with tears.  What a great work you are doing, Eugene.  Melissa and Eugene asked for prayers for themselves and their children, for guidance, as they are in the process of making several important decisions.
Beth said that the FCM museum on-line is now updated through 2012.  As I mentioned above, she has spent hundreds of hours scanning and organizing over 2,700 pictures and documents!  We truly appreciate all of your efforts, Beth.  To view the museum, go to
Nels continues to minister to and entertain those at nursing homes, playing his guitar and singing.  What a blessing you are!!!  Also, Nels revived his balloon art talent at their old church fair!!  Retirement brings out the best in us!!
Bob Colby moved from Marietta to near Austin, Texas about a year ago.  He and Cheri live in a 10,000-home complex.  When they lived here, they did a special magic show for charity every year.  Bob, who WAS the show, now had to make a name for himself in his new environment!!  They just don’t know who they are messing with!!  My guess is he will be the hit of the complex within the next year!  Bob retired from International Business Machines.  At one point he was John J.’s boss!  Of course, he was the best boss John ever had.  Bob and Cheri left for Disney World with their granddaughter the day after the meeting.  Super grandparents!!
Randy went to Disney recently with his family as he has done for many years.  He had a fall and is still dealing with some issues.  We will pray for a good outcome.
John and I are still doing a “Magic with a Message” routine weekly for the older folks (including us) at our church.  They are a very appreciative group.
As always, this meeting was filled with love, caring and a feeling that we are family.  We are so very grateful that we can host such a beautiful group of fellow Christians.  We adjourned with prayer. Until next time…
May God grant you grace and peace,
Julia Jefferson
Keep the “SON” Shining,,,
John Jefferson