Atlanta FCM Chapter was held at the home of John Jefferson on November 10, 2011.

The November meeting of the Atlanta FCM Chapter was held at the home of John 
Jefferson on November 10, 2011.  Those in attendance were John and Julia Jefferson, Rick 
and Angela Jeffers, Randy Burt, Leland Davis, Scott Gentry and Jim Magus.
We watched the first half of Duane Laflin’s “Excellent Gospel Magic”.  We will watch the 
“how-to” portion at our next meeting.  We then adjourned to our Magic room where we 
shared many ideas and effects with the group.  As always, we had a great time of 
fellowship in the Lord.
Our next meeting will be on January12, 2012 at the home of John Jefferson.  We would love 
to see new faces and ideas.  Please feel free to join us!
Attached are the detailed minutes of the meeting.
Until then,
Keep the “SON” shining…

The November meeting of our Atlanta FCM Chapter was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Leland Davis, Jim Magus, Scott Gentry and Randy Burt.

After fellowship and refreshments, we moved to watch a video –Duane Laflin’s “Excellent Gospel Magic” which we all enjoyed! We will have to wait until January to learn the secrets of the tricks performed!

Rick opened with prayer and prayed especially for Ricky Henson and his family. We discussed last month’s meeting and the fun we had sharing.

Randy started the sharing time by showing us his collapsible table—great for travel to his and Tricky Ricky’s yearly trip to Oklahoma!! He then shared a coin trick—a favorite of Eddie Davis. It was a great slight-of-hand coin trick similar to Johnson’s coins or Hopping Half and Preambulating Penny. He also showed us his Svengali deck of cards from dock Haley where all cards relate to the Bible.

Next it was Rick’s turn to show us the results of his rendition of Joey Evans’ balloon trick (Gypsy Rope Adaptation) that we saw at the Magic Symposium in Nashville in Sept. Rick gave his testimony as he said that 7 years ago he realized that he was torn, desperate and not complete. Then someone (Jesus) came to him by taking Rick’s life and joining it with His. Rick’s helpful hints in doing the effect include making the string twice as long as you want it to end up being, and at the half way point, wrap string around your fingers until there are about 8-10 inches left, twist and accordion it to the balloon and put it in the opening of the balloon knot. Great job, Rick!!!

Jim was next. He informed us that we could make cards from the computer on card stock –back and front!! He gave us a website— free.htm Thanks Jim. Jim then performed his gospel version of the ABC Blocks—How to Get to Heaven. Many people believe that All good people get to heaven, some feel that only Believers get to heaven and others that if you attend Church, you can get to heaven. But who really gets to heaven? John 3:16.

Randy pointed out that some use the ABCs as Admit, Believe, Confess but that Jim’s version was really effective and great for children!!

John and Julia performed the Soldier’s Bible and gave each a copy of the script. John and Julia had performed this for their Life After Fifties group at church and it was a wonderful success as we were celebrating Veterans’ Day.

John showed his Applause and Apple Sauce cards and then demonstrated 2 versions of Die Boxes. He asked if the audience wanted to see the die move visibly or invisibly. The die was then transferred to a magic hat. The 2 die boxes work differently.

Next, John showed his favorite trick of all—What’s Next!! Because he has performed this trick hundreds of times, he could probably do it in his sleep and most certainly blind folded!! All agreed that it takes a lot of practice.

John then demonstrated his Clearly Mental effect and showed how to actually make the trick. He then showed his Wilting Flower and the Satan Hank.

The trick to picking up silks so that they are right side up is to sew tiny beads on two of the corners—one red, in the right corner for the right hand, and the other one white. If the silk is actually made of silk, you should sew a small piece of material between the silk and the bead.

Randy then shared his Story Bag about Noah: brown—like the wood for the Ark—Gopher wood—go—fer—wood. Blue: Noah let a dove go and it brought an olive branch back so he knew it was safe. A rainbow appeared and that is God’s promise that He will never again flood the earth. There were several other colors and applications to the story bag. It is always a great message for all ages.

A topic for the next meeting will be, Using Alphabet Cards.

John loaned to Rick: Suspensions and Levitations, and to Leland, Tarbell Number 1 and Spiritual Applications.

John closed with prayer for safe travels and for a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas as we will not meet until January 12, 2012.