Atlanta FCM Chapter will be held on Thursday June 14, 2012

The next Meeting of the officially chartered Atlanta FCM Chapter will be held on 
Thursday June 14th at 6:30 pm at the Jeffersons.
Note: The SPECIAL meeting topic will be (Jefferson's mini lecture of:
1. What I use to create a GREAT gospel message for a magic trick - yes, each person will 
be given many messages you can use!
2. Comedy message - yes, each person will be given a copy
3. The static cling of a dollar - yes, each person will get one of these tricks to use 
Topic for this meeting will be: Bring a trick to share (if you feel lead), watching a DVD 

We look forward to meeting the new members that will be joining the meeting this month.
Please come,bring a trick (optional), bring an appetizer (optional), bring your spouse, 
or just bring  yourself (not optional - LOL)!!!
Great sharing at our Atlanta Chapter FCM meeting!  The June 14, 2012 meeting was 
held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia 
Jefferson; Rick and Angela Jeffers and their daughter, Kristen; Leland Davis; Jim Magus; 
Judy Neyland and Randy Burt.
 After dinner we watched “The Magic Video” and then adjourned to the magic room for our 
special sharing time.  Our newest member, Judy made her debut.  Great job!
Several of us will attend the FCM conference in Indiana this summer.  We are looking 
forward to going.
We will have a meeting in July!!  Seems we don’t need to take a break!!!  How wonderful 
to see such enthusiasm.
Our next meeting will be Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 6:30 at the home of the Jeffersons as 
usual.  Looking forward to it.
Attached are the detailed minutes of the June meeting.
Until Then,
Keep the “SON” shining…

The June meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held on June 14, 2012 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Kristen Jeffers, Leland Davis, Randy Burt, Jim Magus, and Judy Neyland. We were very pleased to welcome Rick and Angela’s daughter, Kristen!!

After dinner we watched a great video—“The Magic Video” starring Michael Ammar. It reminded us that very simple tricks can be very effective!

Julia opened with prayer and then John demonstrated his new LED fan which can be programmed to show 4 messages. He then demonstrated a paper illusion concerning the prices of funerals. He folded the paper and wound up with a trash can—a very cheap funeral!

John then reported that we are still interested in having David Ginn come and give us his presentation. It will be in the fall.

Judy was next. She performed the trick that Rick had given all of us a couple of months ago. Judy asked Kristen to choose a book of the Bible from the words on some large cards. Kristen was not to tell Judy. Judy then “did her magic” and told Kristen which one she had picked! She also noted the colors of the cards and that they represented the blood sacrifice of Jesus, purification, our sins, growth in Christ and Heaven. Thank you, Judy!! Judy plans to perform the trick for her Sunday School class in the near future. We are proud of her!!

Jim then did his gospel version of linking rings. They represent God, the father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are separate but are truly three in one. The magicians really appreciated Jim’s expertise in handling the rings.

John then asked our guest, Kristen, what her favorite trick was that she did with her dad. She told us it was the thumb cuffs. It’s fun to lock him up!! Kristen often assists Rick. Her stage name is “Bob”! The kids love it as she is a beautiful young lady!

Leland then related the phone call and visit from Eddie Davis. He and Brenda had a great time talking and visiting with Eddie and Betty. As always, Eddie had them laughing. Eddie shared some printed materials with his Davis “relative”, Leland. They plan to get together again.

Leland also told of his visit to the emergency room and about the policeman who was so very patient and kind to a young man who had overdosed on a drug. It just reminds us that Jesus is always patient with us and we need to be thankful for our EMTs and to pray for the young man.

It was Rick’s turn to demonstrate a Duane Laflin card trick with a few twists. He asked Judy to choose 9 large cards from a large deck, and arrange them in three stacks on the table. Judy chose a card. Rick then said he would ask her a question and she could tell the truth or a lie. He then put her answers on a large sheet of paper. Judy followed directions as Rick went through the nine cards several times and came up with the only one who really knows the truth: Jesus. The next card he turned over was, indeed, Judy’s card! Great trick and gospel application!

Randy then performed a trick showing a black silk with gold trim. He produced a red, white and blue silk and turned them into a cross flag with the colors of red, white and blue! It was a very effective trick with the scarf instead of a change bag!

John then gave each member an “Our Daily Bread” booklet explaining that the daily messages were excellent material for making a gospel message with magic tricks. John has used the booklets that come out monthly, many times in his presentations.

John then gave each person 2 gospel dollar bills. He explained that if you rub them together just right, that they will stick together, like a static electricity charge. Of course no one could make it work. John explained that we are all charged to go forth and tell others about Jesus—as he made his 2 bills stick together! John then showed how the trick was done and gave each person his/her own special gospel dollar! Thanks for a great trick!

Randy showed us a great “camel thru the eye of a needle “ rope trick. John gave each a piece of rope and we all practiced until we could do it! What a great trick to have in our repertoire! The group voted to HAVE A MEETING IN JULY!