August 8, 2013 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM

The August 8, 2013 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were John and Julia Jefferson, Randy Burt, Kristen Jeffers, Hunter Morris, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Leland Davis, Lynn Fox, Judy Neyland, Tim Franzen and 2 visitors and prospective members!– Wayne Wright and Eugene McBrayer.
After viewing our Duane Laflin video, Art of Gospel Magic Volume 2, we shared our summer magic experiences and many effects.
John reminded us of the show that David Ginn will do for Johnson Ferry Baptist church on August 18. It will start at 4 p.m. We do hope all of our members will attend and will bring friends and family!
Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 12.
Attached is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON Shining…
John Jefferson

August 8, 2013 FCM Meeting

John began by sharing our experiences at the International FCM conference in Nashville in July. He showed copies of the daily routine and schedules for all to see.

Randy shared his experience in Oklahoma working with Ricky Henson and the American Indians. 54 accepted Christ this summer. Randy then performed his brand new, beautiful Squared Square with his gospel application—we sometimes feel we have empty lives but God sees us as beautiful when we accept Christ. Randy produced lots of beautiful shiny garlands and a Jesus silk.

Eugene said he pastors a church and does magic from the pulpit. He started doing magic in the mid 1990s at Atlanta Braves games!! Eugene is from Dallas, GA. We are looking forward to getting to know Eugene!!

Leland shared a wonderful clown version of Jesus Loves Me!! He had all of us singing as he pantomimed the words!!

Lynn shared that he performs for corporate events and restaurants and then shares what Christ means to him.

Kristen , otherwise known as “Bob” is her dad’s assistant!

Hunter performed a great cups and balls routine. He said it is one of the first tricks he ever learned. Thanks, Hunter!!

Rick then showed us a Rubik’s Cube trick he learned at the conference. He explained how to get the special stickers on the cube. He used a Bible in his prediction effect.

Wayne explained that he has used several tricks on his mission trips, with great success. He is looking forward to learning more! We are delighted Wayne came to our meeting and are looking forward to hearing about his trip to Africa!

Judy Neyland uses her magic in nursing homes and in her Sunday School class. She has decided to be a clown magician! John gave her several clown books he purchased at the conference. Happy reading, Judy! Judy is also going on a mission trip in Sept. to Africa!

John performed the Dragon’s Breath fire trick and showed pictures of the conference to us. He told us about Stan Adair, the founder of the FCM, who was at the conference. John shared the “secret” wand effect, the 511531 secret message—gave all a copy—and taught all a rubber band trick. John then shared an amazing nut on a bolt effect—Mico-Psychic with a PK ring. PK rings can be purchased on ebay.

John then shared more information about the FCM conference and encouraged each member to attend next year.

Leland closed our meeting with prayer.