FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for April 14, 2016

FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for April 14, 2016

The April 14, 2016 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson; Judy Neyland; Mark Childers; Bill Darby.
After fellowship and food—thanks, Judy for the yummy desserts!—we watched two teaching videos brought by Bill.  Great choice!

Our numbers were small but our fun and fellowship were tremendous.  We missed our fellow members.

Our next meeting, and last before our summer break, will be Thursday, May 12, 2016 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  We do hope to have a full house!!

Following this message is a summary of our meeting.

Keep the “SON” Shining…
John Jefferson

MINUTES: –read to the end for a treat!

We began our meeting with prayer and then proceeded to the magic room to watch John show us his routine with his ” Rabbit in the Hat “ with props, tricks and jokes.  He referred to the small book, “Hare Brain Ideas” by Greg Hamilton for the rabbit one-liners.   John has used his “Fluffy” for his entire magic career to entertain all  ages!!

John said that he has given David Ginn a large number of magic tricks and magic books to sell for him.  Watch David’s web sites for really good deals!  John then gave out Duane Laflin’s Professor’s Nightmare instructions to all.

Mark informed us that there is a group of young people who attend Young Harris College who get together and share magic for the purpose of sharing the gospel!  John will check into this and perhaps they would like to become a part of the FCM?  Sounds promising.

Judy started our sharing by performing her trick, “Four Steps to the Right Conclusion”.  Judy performed this effect at one of the nursing homes where she ministers, and 18 of the people there participated in the trick!!!  What a joy and what a blessing Judy is to them.  Judy said she has also performed the clock trick that Randy gave us last time.  We are so proud of Judy.  Hopefully next time she will bring her flower trick and share it with us.

Mark then shared his “Christian Insurance Policy” effect with a card trick.  He used the secular trick and modified it to relate to Christianity.  His message was that when our lives come to an end we will either go to heaven or to hell.  Jesus is building, for those who believe, a house in heaven which requires no rent because we have confessed with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and that He arose from the dead. We have repented and received God’s love.  In the end, Jesus must be the King of our Hearts.  Mark’s message was powerful and so well spoken.  Thank you, Mark—it was from your heart.

Bill then showed us the Penetration ink pen effect.  The message was that we don’t want to go to the left with the goats, we want to go to the right with the Lamb of God.  The only way to heaven is to repent and follow Jesus.  Great pocket effect!!  Thanks, Bill.  The trick is from Aliexpress.com.

John concluded by showing the Metamorphic Spots trick.  He gave each of us a copy of the routine that we use in our church.  This is a great “got cha” trick that is perfect for all ages!
John then gave each of us several copies of two vintage magazines MUM and Genie.  Thanks, John!

Judy closed in prayer, but the beautiful Christian fellowship continued way past our normal time as we discussed very personal philosophies and ideas and ways we teach others about Christ.  What a joy it is to know all of you.

Our next meeting and last before summer break, will be Thursday, May 12, 2016.  Hopefully everyone will be able to attend!!
And now for the treat!
P.S.  This is the recipe for Judy’s delicious pie!!

One graham cracker crust, baked at 325 degrees for 5 minutes.
1 pkg. cream cheese
½ cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Whip the above ingredients until light and fluffy, spread in the crust, top with raspberries, strawberries and kiwi!!!  Delicious!