FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for March 10, 2016

FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for March 10, 2016
The March 10, 2016 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson; Mark Childers; Lynn Fox; Leland Davis; Rick Jeffers; Judy Neyland; Eugene McBrayer; Perry McCarty; Bill Darby; Randy Burt.
Once again we praise God that Mark was able to come to our meeting!! What a blessing he is to our group. Bill was especially blessed by his attendance as Mark helped him with a very special effect. Also we are happy to see Rick able to return this year.
Our guest was Perry McCarty. We do hope he will return to our fellowship! Thanks, Judy for the yummy raspberry dessert!
Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 14, 2016 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.
Following this message is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON” Shining…
John Jefferson
We did it again!!! What a joyous fellowship we had. We shared experiences, God “moments”, ideas and laughter. God was in our midst encouraging us and assuring us that we are in His will.
We began with prayer and then John informed the members about the FCM Conference in July in Nashville, giving a handout as a reminder.
We welcomed Perry to our fellowship and we hope that he will return and be a part of our family. Thanks, Perry, for sharing.
Mark then showed us a great effect that can be carried in your wallet. His message was that God gives us everything that we own and we are supposed to return one tenth to Him. God multiplies our gifts as we give. If we depend on ourselves and feel that God owes us, we need to rethink and realize that all of what we have belongs to God. Mark explained how to position the 3 bills so that the effect will work. What a great message and so easy to access!! Mark then updated us on his health and we will pray for continued healing.
Lynn then caused to sit up and notice a great reverse effect of the Genie Tube! Jesus said he was God and for that he was crucified. A grave was given for His body. The tomb was sealed and guarded by Roman soldiers. In spite of man’s efforts to keep Jesus in the tomb, He arose from the dead and made many appearances before he ascended into heaven. What a creative and innovative use of the Genie Tube! Thanks, Lynn.
Leland asked Rick to close his eyes and hold out his arm. Leland then touched Rick’s hand with a hairpin and asked Rick to tell how many points had touched his hand. Rick was correct every time. Then Leland began to touch the hairpin to Rick’s arm. Rick could not tell whether one point of the pin had touched his arm, or two. Leland said that when Jesus was on earth, he touched many lives, often with his hands. We have a great deal more feeling in our hands than we do our arms. Jesus touched and healed many people with his hands and now, we must be the hands of Jesus as we witness to others. A great demonstration and message! Nothing had the potential of burning or spilling this time!!—maybe next time.
Rick asked for ideas for an Easter gospel magic presentation that he has been asked to perform. Several people made suggestions. Hope all went well, Rick.
Judy was up next and we are excited that she performed the Easter Story Bag!! Judy went through the story of the last supper, betrayal by Judas, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. The last message was “He walks with me and warms my heart and leads me home” which was written on a card in the bag. Thank you, Judy!!! Judy has performed this effect at Nursing Homes where she volunteers. Judy is a relentless volunteer and we applaud her magic skills!!
Bill showed us a bowl of water, a dropper and a wooden cross. As he dropped liquid in the bowl, the water became tainted. The drops represented our sins. We always manage to introduce sin into situations and we are very good at messing up good things. The worst sin is pride. We can never be “good enough” to enter the kingdom without confessing our many sins and allowing Christ’s death and resurrection to make us perfect in the sight of God. We must bow at the foot of the cross and repent and follow Christ. (Put bottom of the cross into the dirty water and it becomes clean and pure.) Bill explained the effect and showed us how to use the chemicals. What a powerful message!!! Thank you, Bill.
Several members suggested having someone write sins on paper (dissolve paper which can be bought online—dissolvopaper@eggheadtoys.com and other places)
Randy then produced a large clock and proceeded to show us how the number 1 is the most important number! He asked several people to start at the number 12 and then spell out the number on which they would like to land. Each time the person did that, he eventually landed on ONE. Randy explained that the number 1 is very important and then gave us instructions and scriptures, and a nice paper clock. Thank you!!!
There is only ONE God. Mark 12:32
By ONE man sin entered into the world. Romans 5:12
There is only ONE Savior and that is Jesus the son of God. John 3:16
There is only ONE way to heaven by accepting Him as your savior. Romans 10:9-10
So there is only ONE question left for you to answer. Have you accepted Jesus as your savior?
Answer this ONE question and you will never look at the number ONE the same way again!!
Randy then handed out instructions for the effect. Thank you, Randy!! The big clock was a super addition!
Last up was John. John demonstrated the One Way Heart for Jesus Arrow Trick, explaining the trick and having Julia read the gospel message that was shared last month by Randy. John showed a “trick” to knowing where to hold the cardboard arrow so as to make it easier. John also suggested that you show the audience the trick up front, explaining the arrow goes only 2 ways. It makes it more effective when he actually performs the effect. Thanks, Randy, for the message. John passed out copies of the gospel message to the trick.
John then did the Comedy Paper Tear with Judy and the gospel message about the many crowns that are mentioned in the Bible. He gave each a copy of the message. This is a great message, with comedy.
We finished the meeting with the Impossible Knot demonstration and attempts to “make it work”. What fun! John gave all a copy of the directions and instructions. This is a great “spur of the minute fun effect” that can be done with older children to older adults!!
We closed in prayer.
Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 14 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. We hope and pray that all of us will be able to return and enjoy our fellowship and our sharing. What a joy it is to know each of you.
           The PRIDE of the Pharisees—water bottle and balloon
I see you have a balloon! What else do have in your bag of tricks?
(Empty water bottle, vinegar and baking soda!)
Oh. Well, I have a story to tell, is that OK with you?
I was just wondering, have you ever heard someone having a religious disagreement? Often a disagreement like that turns into an argument with hurt feelings and no agreement at all.
In Jesus’ day, the Pharisees felt they knew the law. They often tried to trick Jesus into breaking their many man-made laws. The Pharisees were truly PUFFED UP WITH PRIDE ( pour baking soda from balloon into vinegar—balloon blows up). They wanted to argue with Jesus but Jesus simply quoted Old Testament scripture or told a parable, and went about doing God’s will.
He did not argue with them.
Let’s remember that if we have a disagreement with someone, we should not be puffed up with pride like the Pharisees, but we should show the love of Jesus so that we will be able to lead the person to the truth that will set him free.