FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for March 8, 2018

FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for March 8, 2018 The March 8, 2018 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson; Leland Davis; Mark Childers; John Abbott; Randy Burt; Rick Jeffers and Judy Neyland. Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 12, 2018 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. with dinner. Feel free to come earlier!!! Our meeting was blessed with extraordinary fun and sweet sharing. What a joy it is to meet every month and fellowship with our wonderful Christian magician friends! The following is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “Son” Shining,
John Jefferson
Our meeting was opened with prayer after which John J. reminded us that our Atlanta chapter was started on March 11, 2011 and we received our Charter in July, 2011 at the FCM Conference! Lots of memories!
John reminded us of our upcoming FCM Conference in Indianapolis this year beginning Sunday evening, July 7 through Friday evening, July 12. Check out the FCM website for more information.
On February 10, 2018, John and Julia were royally entertained by Larry Wilburn at his church in Jonesboro, GA. We were invited as special guests to the Marriage Matters of FBJ Variety Show Dinner where the entertainment was provided by Larry Wilburn, Bill Clary and Shane Wilbanks. What a great evening! The food was delicious, the company was so welcoming and the entertainment was first class. Thank you, Larry, for the great experience!
As Julia hurridly found the piece of plastic to cover the coffee table, Leland began pulling out items from his very large bag! Leland asked someone to pick a number from the clear plastic zip lock bag. He asked him to take only one number without looking in the bag. Leland then brought out 5 heart-shaped containers each with a number on the top of the heart. He asked what number was chosen it was the number 4. Leland then began showing what was in each of the other containers: #1 contained a stone  a heart of stone; #2 contained a pencil the heart is not write (right); #3– clothes pins if you do not follow the Lord you may find yourself in the pin (pen); #5  sticks spare the rod, spoil the child. Leland reminded us that our helper could have picked any of the 5 heart containers and he chose #4. When it was opened the heart container held a bag of beautiful hearts! We all have choices in our lives and if we have God in our hearts, he will help us make the right decisions! Leland used this great magical illustration for his children’s church group for Valentine’s Day. Thank you, Leland for a terrific $6.00, Dollar Tree illustration of God’s love!!! Our resident magical scientist then brought 2 small pieces of newspaper and put them on each side of his mouth, He then blew between them and much to the amazement of the audience, the 2 pieces of paper came together instead of separating! Leland was not finished. He put a glass in front of a lit candle. He then blew on the glass and the candle was extinguished! Leland also demonstrated the magical Bernoulli Principle with a business card, a quilting pin, and a spool of thread. Thank you, Leland, for reminding us of our science class experiments long forgotten!!! Leland’s message was the Holy Spirit is often described as breath, wind and air. When we have the Holy Spirit in our lives, things will come together for good according to God’s purpose.
Judy then thanked John J. for introducing her to the scripture coins as she has been sharing them with the men who are at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility where she delivers food. She says the men are very grateful and keep the coins in their pockets as reminders of God’s love. Judy has also shared the coins with missionaries from central and east Africa , Poland and Iran who give them to the people with whom they share the Gospel. She has obtained the coins in the language of the people and the missionaries tell her that the people are most grateful and pleased to be able to read the scripture. Thank you, Judy, for sharing an idea that was given to us through Magic Bob to John, to our club, and now to many people across the world.
Mark shared a true story of how important it is to reach even one soul. There was an old minister who for the 7 years he had preached, had only one person accept the Lord. He decided he should retire. The one soul that he helped bring to Christ was Bobby Moffat the first evangelist to go to Central Africa!
Randy remanded us that one person led 3 young teens to the Lord Billy Graham and the 2 men who became Graham’s finance man and music director!!! What we do, does matter. Each person who accepts Christ makes a difference in the lives of the people he/she touches.
Now for Mark’s The Test Kitchen Ketchup, Fries and More Marked pulled out an assortment of beautifully made ketchup bottles and some containers of French Fries. Through super manipulation and terrific patter we were told that God gives us an abundance of good things that we truly don’t appreciate. The Israelites were provided, well, with French Fries?– 3 times a day and double on Sunday but they simply didn’t appreciate it! He then added ketchup with the fries but they wanted more meat! So, He gave them hot dogs with pickles and more ketchup and mustard. Of course, after all of that, they needed Pepto Bismol! There is simply no way I can duplicate on this paper the skill and entertainment and message that Mark performed!!! The trick was professionally made and most professionally performed. Thank you, Mark. Bring it back and do it again! For those who were not in attendance, Mark’s family friendly trick is based on Multiplying Bottles.
Our newest member, John Abbott, shared with us, with enthusiasm!, his trip to Branson where he attended Duane Laflin’s first Gospel College weekend. We were delighted to hear that John was informed and blessed by the great messages and the love shown to him by Duane and the wonderful Christian magicians in attendance. John shared many experiences and Duane’s 3 reasons for spreading the Word with Gospel illusions: 1. To expose fakers and deceivers 2. To attract an audience 3. To make lessons meaningful and memorable. Duane plans to have another Gospel College in June. John A. then presented a Three Card Monte Routine with the ace of spades becoming a blank card which opened to become a picture of a spade (shovel). The three cards were the 5 of hearts–God’s love is manifested in Jesus (five letters in the name, Jesus). The ace of spades was in the middle and the 5 of diamonds was the third card. It represented valuable gifts from God: mercy, grace and blood. The ace card disappears but because matter is transformed rather than evaporating into nothingness, it becomes a spade. Thanks, John, for your desire to spread the Word and for sharing with us.
A long zipper and Randy, his version of Afghan Bands! God loves us so much that he does not want to be separated from us. He does not want us to be sinful. We often look great but we have sin in our lives we moved, not God. We can often hide our sin from others, but never from God. What we want is to be closer to God so that our sins will be forgiven and we will be ONE with God! Randy always has a great message to use with a easy to pack effect. Thanks for sharing! We found a red sequin on our sofa. Anyone know where it came from? Oh, I know, Rick!!! Dr. Frank, in his newly acquired outfit, shared lots of magical words and fun stories and then Watson!!! What a joy it was to see Rick interact with the fluffy, adorable Watson. Watson tried to blow up a balloon and make it disappear and after many laughs, he finally had to retire to his beautiful dog house made by Dr. Frank. Rick told us lots of ways he uses his puppet in his performance. We do hope he will bring back Watson and Dr. Frank. I think we enjoy them as much as his young audiences do!
As if we had not had enough entertainment, we begged Randy to show his puppet, Deacon. Randy is the king of spring puppets! The skunk isn’t real!  Really? What fun.
The evening came to a close with John and Julia sharing the message and illusion they did at their Life After Fifties group on Tuesday. Many people say NO to Jesus and therefore have NO peace in their hearts. But those who KNOW Jesus, KNOW peace. A simple effect with a powerful message. We truly enjoy our opportunity to share with our older folks at our church. I know, we are ‘older folks’ too!! After some more time in fellowship, each one of us returned to his own home hopefully uplifted and inspired to share God’s Word with those with whom we come in contact. See you next month!
Grace be to you, Julia