FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for May 11, 2017

         FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for May 11, 2017
The May 11, 2017 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson; Lynn Fox; Mike Ellis; Leland Davis; Mark Childers; Randy Burt; Judy Neyland; and special guest from CRU ministries with Kennesaw State, Kevin Eaton.
We pray for our absent members and for our families.
Our evening was filled with great illusions that speak to our audiences of the gospel.  What a joy it is to hear of the work that our members are doing to further the kingdom.
Many thanks to Judy for bringing the delicious dessert!!  Glad we had a couple of small pieces left over for us!
Our next meeting will be Thursday, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017– AS WE WILL NOT MEET DURING THE SUMMER!!  At least four of us will attend the conference in Indianapolis, IN in June.
Following is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON” Shining,
John Jefferson
We opened with prayer and then John reminded us of the conference in Indiana, June 19-23.  It is not too late to sign up!  John, Julia, Leland and Bill are planning to attend.
Judy reported that she was feeling better and was delighted to be with us.  We have missed her!!  She told us that she has used and continues to use several tricks she has learned.  She ministers to the elderly in several nursing homes.  Judy is a joy to know.
Randy then demonstrated his creative version of a one ahead prediction.  His idea of using folders with circles cut out and marked with a marker is great!  The last prediction was John 3:16.  The first part of  the verse is what God did, the second is what we need to do.  A strong message with an entertaining and magical medium!  Randy shared his techniques and gave the trick to a couple of the members.  Thanks, Randy for sharing your many years of experience.
Bill worked his magic on 2 decks of cards with a prediction.  One deck, which he made, has Bible verses on them.  His message is that the tongue has the power of life and death.
Mark then gave several “coins in the bottle” tricks to members who felt they could use them.  Thanks, Mark!  He then asked Kevin and Randy to touch the deck of cards and choose that card.  He explained that all of us have a “deck”—that is our lives and the lives of the people we love.  All of this needs to be protected and what better way to do that than to have a Christian Assurance (Insurance) Policy!  Of course all policies have terms and conditions.  We have all sinned and Jesus will return and we will stand before Him.  If we have truly accepted Him, we will not be condemned to hell.
Mark explained that we are guaranteed certain benefits if we accept the policy:  no condemnation in Jesus; a “self-cleaning” house (many mansions) in heaven; wealth—streets of gold and gates of pearls, etc.  Well, what do we have to do to obtain this wonderful policy?  Believe and confess that Jesus is your Lord.  Believe that John 3:16 is true.  Accept Christ as our personal savior.  In other words, make Jesus the King of your heart!!!  Kevin and Randy then showed us the cards they had randomly picked—each one had chosen the King of Hearts!!  Mark made the analogy:  You can’t sit on a razor blade—you must choose one side or the other.  Choose Jesus.  Mark’s delivery and message were terrific.  Thanks, Mark, for sharing.
Our guest, Kevin Eaton is on staff at CRU through Kennesaw State.  He also shares the gospel using magic, and his forte is coins and cards.  Kevin deftly demonstrated the invisible coin jump and then demonstrated a prediction with a coin and a bottle cap.  Mike was given a bottle cap to place on any group of cards spread out on the table.  The prediction was the ace of clubs.    Not only was the card under the cap the ace of clubs, the words, “ace of clubs” were also written on the underside of the bottle cap!  Great dexterity and entertainment to get the attention of an audience!.
Kevin gave his presentation about the work that CRU is doing with the future of our country—our college students.  What would our future look like if our young people followed Jesus?  He shared several stories about students who have been led to Christ and the way their lives have touched so many others.  Kevin then told us of his planned mission trip with his wife and two small children, to Quito, Ecuador.  He asked us to fill out cards to pledge our prayers and support to him and his family.  Kevin is doing a great work with the young people of our local college.  We wish him the very best.  He may be reached through Kevin.Eaton@Cru.org.  Telephone number:321-537-8286.
Mark was reminded of the story of a missionary who moved to Mexico and built 25 churches over 42 years.  He said that the pastor felt his role was to lead his sheep.  Who is responsible for telling the sheep?—the sheep.  A great lesson for us.  John remembered a poem that he had read called “A Pack of Seeds”.  The poem basically said that we must share our love of Jesus with others—not just keep it to ourselves.  Thanks, guys for sharing.
The coffee table was hastily cleared and protected for our next scientist (oops, magician!).  Leland brought out a jar with a piece of toilet paper secured over the top with a rubber band.  He sprayed the paper with water and then asked Mark to begin placing marbles on the paper.  It took 13 to break the paper.  Leland then produced a jar covered with a napkin—51 marbles caused the crash.  The last was a paper towel.  We gave up counting when the marbles began to fall off!!  The lesson:  We need to be truly strong in Christ and in our relationship with Jesus as we share the Gospel.  Leland performed this with his Sunday School children having the group count aloud as the marbles were placed on the tops.  What fun!  And what a needed, great message.
Mike’s turn!  He shared that his Weekend of Wonder went very well.  We are sorry we were not able to attend!  Mike than handed out a “premonition” envelope and performed a playing card effect—clock force—with a twist.  He used various greeting cards to predict what Lynn would say.  Very creative and effective!  Next, Mike performed the “Six Bill Repeat” saying that we can save, spend or share our money.  He reminded us that it is more blessed to give than receive and that we simply cannot out give God!  A great effect done with skill and a great message.
Lynn was next.  As always, he had a magic trick on his wrist that he can use anytime!  He held a rubber band and put his beautiful signet ring on it.  He asked Julia to call the ring toward her.  It moved, ever so slowly toward her as she called.  Jesus calls us and only His sheep hear Him.  When we are called, God allows us to respond.  We are so thankful.  Cool trick—great message.  Lynn then” glued his hair down” so the fan wouldn’t blow it out of place!  Guess you had to be there!!
John and Julia performed the “Merry Switch Can” effect.  He showed a black and white clown silk with a sad face.  Some people feel that God’s rules take all of the fun out of life—if it is fun, it must be sinful!  Obviously that is not the case.  The Bible says that God so LOVED the world and that we are to have life abundantly.  That certainly is fun!  John put the sad clown in the can and magically a beautiful, colorful silk appeared with a happy clown!  John then gave out the script to all.  A great trick and a super message.
Next, John performed a cut and restore rope trick with 3 cuts.  He explained how the knots were tied and how they were able to pop off.  The message is that just being really good, just going to church or just giving money to the needy and to the church will NOT (knot) allow you to be with Jesus in heaven.  We need to know Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  He is the way, the truth and the life.  There is NOT (knot) any other!  John gave each of a piece of rope and showed all exactly how to do the trick.  He also gave the script they can use with it.  Thanks, John for always sharing.
John then asked Lynn Fox to tell us about the benefit that John and Julia and Lynn attended on May 4, 2017.  Lynn explained that his long time friend and fellow magician, Greg Davidson and Greg’s wife, Jane Riley founded Believe Ministries.  Their talents include magic, guitar and singing as well as a great deal of comedy.  Their mission for the last 10 years has been focused on spreading the gospel using their many talents.  We all enjoyed the presentation that Greg and Jane presented.  Their love for Jesus was truly evident.  Their church home is Roswell United Methodist.  If you wish to contribute to their ministry, the web site is:  www.BelieveMinistries.org.
Mike closed our meeting in prayer.
Well, that’s all for now.  If anyone would like to share a praise or a prayer request during out summer break, please email John and he will send the request to the group.
We are looking forward to the conference in June and hope to have lots to share in September.
Until next time…Julia