FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for May 12, 2016

FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for May 12, 2016
The May 12, 2016 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John 
and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson; Bill Darby; 
Leland Davis; Judy Neyland; Mark Childers; Lynn Fox; and Randy Burt.
We had a great meeting—food, Judy’s dessert, fun and fellowship!!  What a joy to end our 
season with our wonderful Christian friends!  
Our next meeting will be SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 as we will break for the summer.
Following this message is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON” Shining…
John Jefferson
Judy led us in prayer and John gave us some information about the upcoming FCM Conference 
in July.  Leland, John and Julia plan to attend.
Our sharing began with Julia and Leland teaming up to do a science/ gospel effect.  Julia 
explained that the Pharisees often tried to trick Jesus into breaking their many man-made 
laws.  They were so puffed up with pride that they thought they could argue with Jesus.  
At this point, Leland poured baking soda into a bottle with vinegar and a balloon 
attached to the bottle “magically” blew up!  It had the word “Pharisees” written on it.  
The message was that we don’t need to argue with others about religion.  We simply need 
to show the love of Jesus so that we will be able to lead the person to the truth that 
will set him free!  Randy then gave us another suggestion that could be used with that 
effect—see below!! (Leland’s tricks)
Someone—Randy---shared a
Joke:  The Pharisees were caught up in the law and the Sadducees didn’t believe in the 
resurrection so that’s why they are so
 “Sad U See”!!!
Bill then shared his experiences he had recently doing magic for children on the street.  
He showed us his red nose routine which truly entertained and mystified the children!  He 
then showed us 3 coins that had shapes on them.  He explained that after he got to know 
the children, he would give each child a choice of a coin.  On the back was the shape 
that would apply especially to that child.  For example, the square represented a child 
who was strong and solid—Jesus wants us to be like that.  A star represented the child 
who looked up to the heavens and would always strive to be at the top.  Bill has found 
that so many blessings will be showered on the child by simply focusing on the child, not 
so much the effect.  Thank you, Bill, for ministering to the children.  We hope you see 
that special little girl again.
Leland very calmly pulled out of his bag of tricks, none other than baking soda and 
vinegar!  Of course he added fire to his effect!  It takes fuel, air and heat to create 
fire.  If even one of those elements is missing, a flame will go out.  Leland mixed some 
vinegar and baking soda in a glass, put his hand over it and then “poured the contents” 
of the glass on the flame.  The flame was extinguished simply by the carbon dioxide that 
had built up in the glass.  The gospel message was that there are ways to make the hot 
anger that people have, go away.  God’s love is the way.  Seems like Randy had “ESP” as 
that was what he had earlier suggested could be done!!
Leland then poured water in a bowl and put some iodine in it.  The dark color represented 
our sins.  He then wrote with a magic marker on a piece of paper, a sin that people 
commit, and placed it in the water.  The water became blacker.  Leland pulled out a cross 
and placed the end of it in the bowl and slowly stirred the water.  The water became 
clearer and then clear.  The cross is what is what is able to remove our sins.  A nice 
twist with the black ink!  You can buy chlorinated granules in the spa/pool section at 
WalMart and dissolve paper online.  Thank you, Leland for that little extra idea!
Mark demonstrated his Knot a Card Trick!  He spread out the cards of the table revealing 
a “rope” on the backs of the cards.  He asked Judy to choose a card and pretend to tie a 
knot in the card.  Judy placed the card back in the deck and Mark magically found her 
card with a picture of a knotted rope on the back of it!!  He explained that when we come 
to the “end of our rope” in life, that Jesus is there to catch us if we will seek Him.  
He then turned the card over and the knot had disappeared!  Great effect, and thanks, 
Mark—he gave each of us a special deck of cards with directions.
Mark then showed us how to make a PK ring with a half-turn button found at WalMart in the 
hardware section, a magnet found on ebay, and some spongy, surgical type tape!!  What a 
clever idea—no more green “ring around the finger” and so easily disposed of!  Mark gave 
each of us a great magnet!
For a change—Lynn demonstrated a very clever use of his change bag!!  Because of our 
human condition, most of us would like to make a change to our empty lives.   He had Judy 
reach in the empty bag and pull out a red silk and yellow silk.  The red silk represented 
our stained lives and the yellow, the possible changes Jesus could make.  Judy returned 
the silks to the bag and held the bottom of the bag.  Lynn then asked her to push the bag 
up toward the top and not let go.  When she did, the red and yellow silks had disappeared 
and a beautiful white silk had taken their place!  The white silk represented the 
miraculous changes that Jesus will make if we will believe and receive His love.  What a 
clever idea—to have the person hold onto the bottom of the bag—and then produce the white 
silk!!!  Thanks for the great idea and the gospel message!
Randy said that since this was our last meeting until September, that he would show us 
the very first trick he ever learned.  Ricky Henson showed it to him many years ago.  It 
was a pretty, clear Hot Rod with two sets of colors on it.  He showed the scarlet side 
which represents our sins and then explained that people try to hide their sins in many 
different ways, but only God can truly remove them.  In so doing, he used a really great 
move to do the effect.  The scarlet sins disappeared and only beautiful clear stones 
remained.  Randy demonstrated his way of using the paddle move—very smooth!
John wrapped up the evening demonstrating his Rabbit Puppet Routine with a gospel 
message.  He gave each the script.  Fluffy has been a hit for both children and 
adults—great jokes and lots of laughs as well as a gospel message!
John then had Mark come up and help him with his comedy cut and restore rope routine.  
Scissors, anyone?  He gave our gospel patter that we use at our church, to each of us.  
The message is that only Jesus can forgive us, take away our sins and give us the strong 
and unbroken relationship with God.
The last effect of the evening was the reverse use of the old Silk Cabby church.  It is 
through Jesus that we can be forgiven and restored to God.  Great idea and message!  John 
shared copies of his script with everyone.
Just for information, John said that the Masters of Illusion TV show will be on Channel 
WUPAH at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Friday, May 20, 2016.  (The CW channel---810 on Comcast)
We wish all of you a wonderful summer with God’s blessings received and recognized.  
Please contact us if you need prayers or praises to be shared with the group!  We will 
send out our group email.
John closed our meeting in prayer.
Looking forward to September 8, 2016 for the beginning of a new year of our chapter.