FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for May 21, 2015

   FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for May 21, 2015

The May 21, 2015 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson; Randy Burt; Judy Neyland; Mark Childers; Eugene McBrayer.

After dinner—Judy came through again with great desserts!—we adjourned to the family room.  We opened in prayer. The fellowship continued as we once again shared, laughed and enjoyed sharing our Lord with each other.

Our next meeting will be the SECOND THURSDAY OF SEPTEMBER!!!!!!——-SEPTEMBER 10, 2015.  It will be at the home of John and Julia Jefferson beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Following this message is a summary of our meeting.

Keep the “SON” Shining…

John Jefferson


John started us off with his What and Where mental story that resulted in much discussion of foreign countries!!  You mean there are no grey elephants in Denmark? Such fun.  John gave everyone a copy of the instructions.  John then shared the amazing Mental Balloon effect that we did for our Bible Study group.  It was a big hit with a great gospel message.  John gave each a copy of the message.

Mark commented on his experience with his Mental Epic Board that was given to him.  He used a terrific mission trip theme to share the gospel.  We all concluded the obvious:  God is so good!

Randy, who almost always has a rope handy, entertained us with stories from his childhood concerning the tying of his shoes and in the process performed his Bow Knot

trick which he shared.  Part of the story concerned his trip to the Outback—not the steak house—the wood shed!!  Seems his mother meant to set him straight!  His gospel message about sin, and man trying to hide it was strong and the trick was shared with all of us trying “knot” to tie a knot!!   Thanks, Randy!

Mark commented about the Zippo lighter app he showed us last month.  Seems the kids—(what’s a zippo lighter?)— don’t appreciate it as much as we older folks do!!  Never hurts to give it a try!

Judy reported that she has done a few magic tricks with a gospel message for the residents of the nursing home.  She said her husband, Jim, used jokes from John’s column in the Voice!  Randy then read the current jokes from the Voice to the group.  Thanks, John for your time and effort in making us laugh.

Mark put on a wonderful gospel show for us!!!  His message was how GOOD God is, versus how good God has to be.  Mark used a square circle type of illusion (Invisible Paint) to absolutely blow our socks off with his message and his creativity!!!!  His illusion involved the production of an endless array of scarves, flowers, streamers and dollar bills!!!  At the end, his assistant Judy, was literally covered with symbols of God’s infinite glory and beauty and goodness!!!  WHAT A TREAT, MARK!!!!  THANK YOU!!

Mark has promised to bring his SNAKE BASKET to our September meeting.

John and I are pleased to be the hosts for such a wonderful, God fearing group of Gospel Magicians.  We look forward to our time of fellowship and friendship.   Eugene closed in prayer.  We remembered our absent fellow magicians.

Remember we are not having meetings in the summer so… Hope you can all JOIN US on SEPTEMBER 10, 2015.  Eugene closed in prayer.   Julia Jefferson