FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for October 12, 2017

 FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for October 12, 2017
The October 12, 2017 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of 
John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson; Leland 
Davis; Randy Burt; Judy Neyland; Ricky Henson; Lynn Fox; Mark Childers.  We were so very 
blessed to have Mark's wife, Melissa come to our meeting.  We felt like we already knew 
her from the wonderful stories Mark has told about his precious family.  Also, we were 
delighted that Ricky brought his great nephew, Blake Bartlett, an aspiring magician.  
What a great evening with 2 very special guests!!
We missed several of our members.  Hopefully all will be able to attend our next 
meeting---JANUARY 12, 2018 as we will take a break for the busy holidays!  Remember 6:30 
p.m. (or sooner if you would like!), at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. 
Judy's desserts were the hit of the meal.  We're so glad she likes to make sweet treats 
for us!
Our meeting was great--so much sharing, so much caring as always!!
The following is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the "SON" Shining...
John Jefferson
Leland opened the meeting with prayer.
John then reminded everyone of the magic auction on October 16 at the Punchline Comedy 
Club in Buckhead sponsored by the IBM ring of Sandy Springs.
John then gave out copies of the trick Mike showed us last week Combination to the Pearly 
Gates.  He demonstrated the way he would present it and said the patter is in the Voice 
by Del Wilson.  It is a great gospel effect that can be written on a napkin or performed 
on a stage!
What can you make from 17 Mardi Gras beads on a string?  Well, a dog, of course that is 
if you are Randy Burt.  Thanks, Randy for sharing.  Children of all ages love to use 
their imagination with an adorable puppy!
Randy then gave each of us a trick where a toothpick floats on a playing card!  Thanks, 
Randy.  Another great pocket trick!
Bread, anyone?  A couple of years ago John was trying to buy a box full of sponge bread 
at the FCM auction.  He was going to buy it for Ricky and surprise him.  Somehow John and 
Ricky wound up bidding against each other!!  John "won" the bid to the tune of 
well, too much, and gave it to Ricky.  What fun!  Anyway, Ricky decided it was time to 
make a gospel trick using the "Bread of Life".  Ricky asked someone to choose a 
number 1-7.  He 
then counted the bread and discovered that she chose the piece of bread that had a 
picture of Jesus on it!!  Great choice!  He then proceeded to show the backs of all of 
the other pieces as they were all different.  She could have chosen the 10 Commandments.  
It is very good to try to obey God's Law, but simple obedience to the law is not how we 
get to heaven.  He turned over each piece in turn and explained that all of the options 
she could have chosen were great:  giving money, attending church, etc. but were not 
enough on their own to be able to go to heaven with Jesus.  A creative way to use a 
magician's choice and Keys to the Kingdom!
Blake was next.  He said he will bring his cards next time and share a trick with us.  
Thanks, Blake.  We will look forward to it.
Leland then quizzed us. We weren't very smart as it turns out!  He asked us what God 
created during the 7 days of creation and the order in which he created them!  Well, we 
all said light was the first thing but it was all down hill from there.  Leland explained 
the order: light; firmament; land and vegetation; sun, moon, stars; birds and fish; 
animals and man!  As God created these wonders, he spoke them into existence and said 
that they were good.
Leland then asked us to think carefully and decide which day would there have been a 
sound made?  We decided that the answer was probably when the birds were formed.  Well, 
had we been listening carefully, we would have remembered that from the very first day 
"And God SAID"! Yes, on the very first day, there was sound.  Then the mad 
scientist brought out a glass bowl with plastic wrap over it.  He sprinkled sugar on it.  
Next came a giant metal bowl 
and a wooden spoon!  Next, noise!  The vibrations from the sound of the bowl hitting the 
metal bowl actually moved the grains of sugar!!
Leland wasn't finished.  He gave someone a metal spoon around which he had wrapped some 
string, enough to reach her ears. He instructed her to hold on to the string and put her 
fingers in her ears, then swing the spoon and gently hit the table.  When she did, her 
face lit up and she said the sound was like a loud gong!  Another great demonstration of 
sound!!  We almost didn't get to finish sharing as everyone wanted to try it.  Magical 
science is, indeed, fun.
Next Mark, the masterful card magician, asked someone to take a card from a deck and tear 
it in half.  Someone else tore the card again and again making 8 pieces.  He then asked 
Leland to hold one of the pieces.  Mark's message began with asking how many times we 
have asked God to help us.  We are supposed to ask for help and be anxious for nothing.  
God wants us to cast all of our cares on Him.  Mark said that we do ask God to help, but 
we usually 
have a difficult time waiting and trusting Him, to the point of trying to "fix" 
the problem ourselves.  We hold back part of our problem and yet want all of the peace, 
joy, etc. that would come if we would surrender all of it to God.  Mark then brought out 
a pretty gift box and produced money - representing all of the earthly things we feel we 
need.  Even with so much that God gives us, we may still be missing something.  Mark 
produces a card with one small piece missing.  He asks Leland to complete the card with 
his small piece, it fits perfectly.  The card is a perfect King of Hearts. When we 
totally and completely surrender our lives to God, He will make our lives whole and will 
provide all the desires of our heart.  Thanks, for explaining how you performed such a 
great gospel effect, Mark!  What a joy it is to have you as a part of our fellowship.
Mark then showed us some basement bargains he obtained on super sales.  One was a bouquet 
of spring flowers.  Melissa said she would use different color flowers in her classroom 
to illustrate that all of us are different, but are perfect in God's eyes.  Special 
teacher, special message.
Judy did her magic in her kitchen.  She made us an apple pie that fooled us.  It was a 
delicious "Mock Apple Pie", with Blue Bell ice cream!!!  Could we possibly have 
any more fun?
John asked Leland to hold a jacket and asked Scott and Blake to check out two ropes. John 
then proceeded to put the ropes through the sleeves of the jacket.  Leland put on the 
jacket.  John tied another knot in the ropes to secure them.  John asked the boys to hold 
on to the two ropes. John asked Leland to slowly move forward.  He did so and the ropes 
"magically" melted through the coat and Leland was free!!  Wow!  John explained 
that it is the same principle as the cups on a rope effect he showed us a few months ago. 
 What a great effect: 
 neat, clean and very surprising!  
John used the effect in our Life After Fifties meeting, great response from the audience!
  The gospel message John used relates to Paul and Silas, in a Roman prison, who were 
singing about and praising their God.  A great earthquake broke the chains of all of the 
prisoners and the guard was ready to take his own life.  Paul stopped him, saying that 
all of the prisoners were still there. The guard realized that the God of Paul and Silas 
was the true savior.  
He asked Paul, "What must I do to be saved?"  Paul replied:  "Believe in 
the Lord Jesus,and you will be saved" you and your household.  As a result of his 
belief, he and his family were baptized.  What a wonderful miracle that our Lord 
performed.  Let us be aware of the miracles God performs for us each and every day. 
The rest of the evening was spent in more sweet sharing and fellowship.  We are always 
blessed to have such a wonderful group of Christians in our home.  We are looking forward 
to next year.
Safe travels, and wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas times are wished for all of us.
Grace be to you,