FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for October 13, 2016

FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for October 13, 2016
The October 13, 2016 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson; Randy Burt; Judy Neyland and Jason Hardeman.
Our number was small, but our sharing, caring and fellowship were outstanding!!
Our NEXT MEETING will be in JANUARY!! due to the Nashville FCM conference in November. The date will be JANUARY 12, 2017, the time 6:00 or whenever you get here!!
Following this message is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON” Shining…
John Jefferson
After opening in prayer, John made several announcements. The first was a flyer describing the conference that will be Nov. 10-12 in the Nashville, Tennessee area. John gave all of us all of the information for the Music City Creative Ministries Conference and encouraged all to attend. The conference features Duane and Mary Laflin, Jerry Burgess and David Ginn along with several others.
John then gave out the cars and more coins that he had recently ordered from “Toys for God’s Kids”. The cars and coins are free to all but the organization does run on donations. John gave the contact information to all in attendance.
John then presented The Door effect using a large bill with Christian principles written on it. He explained the process for making one yourself and demonstrated some gospel patter. John then gave Jason several bills as this was new to him.
John used a Clear Switch Stand to make a prediction. He asked each of us to write the names of three different books of the Bible on three pieces of paper, and fold each paper twice. Everyone put the names in the switch stand and then John asked Judy to pick one from the stand. Judy picked “ Numbers”. John then had Jason to open the envelope with the prediction in it—the prediction was indeed, Numbers!! A new way to perform an old trick!!
At this point John showed a large velvet bag. Separate letters were put in the bag. Randy then reached in the bag and out came…separate letters! John said Randy forgot to put in the ribbon. He did and then Randy reached in the bag and the letters were attached and spelled 2 words!! You can have a gospel message using any words you would like!!
The last trick John showed was the “ Predict the Kings” effect. Judy named the King of diamonds and magically in the packet of cards, the king of diamonds was the only card turned differently!  Plus, the card had a different colored back.
Randy used one of the free tricks he was given last month to share the gospel. It was the Symbolic Deck which is like the Svengali Deck. Randy flipped the cards until Judy said stop. He put the card in a holder and showed that it was the two of hearts. He then said ,”Who is the most important person in your life?” The two of hearts had changed to a picture of Jesus! Great WOW screen!
Jason presented an effect called Bank Night, used by John Archer on the TV show, Fool Us, with Penn and Teller. This trick actually did fool them!! Jason showed five envelopes with words written on them. He asked each of us, one by one, to choose one envelope. The words were: God’s, Something, Nothing, Yours, Mine. He said that one of the envelopes had sixty dollars in it. As we chose, he opened the envelope and let us know that the money was not there. John chose last and was asked several times if he wished to change his mind. Ultimately Jason was able to keep his money!! Jason asked for ideas on presentation and for a gospel message. Many suggestions were given and were appreciated! Jason did a great job performing his new trick!! Thanks, Jason, for sharing.
Randy then pointed out that John 3:16, which is one of the verses on the free coins, is divided into 2 parts. The first is what God did for us, and the second is what we need to do. This is a great message to share with others.
We had a great meeting with many laughs and lots of sharing. We missed our friends and hope that all of us can meet on January 12, 2017.
Our meeting was closed in prayer.