FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for October 8, 2015

FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for October 8, 2015

The October 8, 2015 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson; Bill Darby; Randy Burt; Leland Davis; Judy Neyland.

After dinner—thank you, again, Judy for the delicious desserts—we began the meeting.  John opened in prayer and we began our time of sharing.  We signed a card for Mark Childers as he is having some health issues.  Our prayers are with him and his family.

Sharing is one of our goals and is definitely our strength.  We are so grateful for our caring, loving members.


Following this message is a summary of our meeting.

Keep the “SON” Shining…

John Jefferson


Prior to the start of the meeting John spent several hours with Bill Darby sharing Gospel magic that Bill will be able to use in his street and church ministry.  We are so glad that Bill was able to return to our fellowship!!!!

Leland, our resident scientist began with a demonstration using red dye in a bowl of water.  He added liquid soap and stirred to make bubbles.  Leland pointed out that even though the water is red, the bubbles are white!  He reminded us that our sins are as scarlet but will be made as white as snow when we trust our lives to Christ and believe in Him.  What a great lesson demonstration!

Leland then showed us some clear plastic wrap.  He began to fold it several times and soon the clear wrap was almost opaque.  His message was that when we do as God would have us do, the way is clear.  When we do things our way, the way becomes clouded.  Thank you, Leland, for the great science illustrations!

Randy was next with his wonderful invention of the ONE AHEAD principle prediction!!! Randy asked Judy to think of a color.  He wrote the color on paper and put it in the envelope.  Judy then said her color was green.  Randy asked Leland to think of an animal.  He wrote the name of the animal and put it in the next envelope.  Leland then said it was an elephant.  John then chose a verse from the Bible and Randy placed it in the last envelope.  John said it was John 3:16.  Amazingly when Randy opened each envelope, he had predicted all 3 of the answers!!!  Randy then showed the group his very creative way of doing the trick and he gave us copies of the Bible verses he used.  Thank you, Randy!!!  It’s a trick we can make – lots of work but well worth the effort now that Randy worked out all of the “bugs”!!!

John then showed us the GOD IS LOVE paper tear.  Trick Ricky sells them—it is a great effect.  John also shared the script we used for our Bible study.

Next John and Julia shared the next effect and script that we will use next week.  It uses the Geni Tube and the message is that we need to be as beautiful in God’s word on our inside as we try to look on the outside.  Elephant anyone?

John and Randy shared several jokes and stories and Judy closed in prayer, remembering Mark and the other absent members.

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful year of Christian sharing and fellowship.  We hope all of us will be able to return next year to continue our fellowship.  Julia