FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for September 10, 2015

FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for September 10, 2015

The September 10, 2015 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson; Leland Davis; Bob Colby; Judy Neyland; Randy Burt and our guest from Athens, GA, Bill Darby.

After enjoying food and fellowship—with Judy’s delicious contributions!—we adjourned to the meeting.  Leland opened in prayer and we welcomed our guest.  Hopefully Bill will be able to make the trek here next month!

Our time of sharing was exceptional as it is, always.  We are so blessed to have such a caring, fun group of magicians!

Our next meeting will be the SECOND Thursday in October—October 8, 2015 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Following this message is a summary of our meeting.

Keep the “SON” Shining…

John Jefferson


We began the meeting by introducing ourselves as a way to help Bill get to know us! We learned that Bill does street magic in the  Atlanta area and is excited to find a group of gospel magicians!

Our time of magic sharing began with Bob Colby’s “Tiny Plunger Trick”!!  Bob amazed us with his dexterity and then showed us the secret—none of us really understands it, but it really does work!!  Bob then gave each of us a tiny plunger!!  Thanks, Bob!!

Leland followed with an illustration of the fact that God does make himself known to us.  He gives us warnings and gives us good news—if we will pay attention to Him by studying His Word, the Bible.  Leland blew up several balloons with metal items in them.  When they were shaken each made a specific sound.  When God makes Himself known to us he makes a wonderful change in us—Leland changed a black and white silk to a beautiful colorful Jesus silk.  God’s world is beautiful and when we see Him, we see beauty.

Bill then shared several effects that he uses in his street magic. After he demonstrated a slight of hand coin trick with a gospel message, he gave each of us several “10 Commandments” coins.  Thank you, Bill!

Randy showed us his Treasure Box—a small, well- made box that could represent our lives.  We often think that our lives are empty, but God truly does have wonderful, beautiful plans for our lives!!  Randy showed the box empty and then produced a multitude of beautiful silks!!  A true treasure effect!

John then explained to all about the FCM organization and about the several conferences that take place during the year.  He included the structure and content of each day.  John and Leland strongly encouraged all to attend the international conference in Nashville, July 25-29, 2016.  Hopefully several of us will be able to attend next year as it is a true blessing to meet with other gospel entertainers and share His word.

John and Julia demonstrated the Silk Caddy effect with Flags, explaining that our prayers can have a great influence in our world and around the world.  John shared the secret to the effect!

John’s next several effects were bought or learned at the conference this past July.  He shared them and also showed how they worked.

–He performed a number prediction effect using a scientific calculator.

–Then… a rope escape trick!!!  Bob and Bill thought they really had him trapped but…well, he escaped!!! This is just one of the many tricks John learned at a conference!!—Thanks, Magic Bob!!!

–The number sticks effect was next, as John predicted the sum of a group of numbers.  The effect was large enough to be seen on a stage, rather than just a close-up effect.

–John did a mental trick that ends with the fact that we all agree that there are no gray elephants in Denmark!  He used the cards he bought at the flea market in July. (I guess you had to be there!)

–Next was a new effect from the conference called Melt Down.  Two cards were shown in a small wallet.  The cards were removed and placed between Bob’s hands.  Bob squeezed the cards together—much too hard!—as the pips from one card seemingly melted on to the back of the other, leaving one card completely blank!

–John demonstrated an excellent gospel effect called The Mystery Bible Challenge followed by a fun, color prediction trick called PredictAColor.

Another night of fun and fellowship!!  We missed our absent members and hope that all of will be able to attend in October.  John closed us in prayer.  Julia Jefferson