FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for September 12,2019

   FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for September 12, 2019
The September 12, 20019 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were the following: John and Julia Jefferson; Mark Childers; Judy Neyland; Randy Burt; Shane Wilbanks; Leland Davis; Chris Trent; Bill Darby; Lynn Fox; Eugene McBrayer; Bonnie and John Abbott.
Our next meeting will be Thursday, October 10, 2019 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Dinner begins at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:15. Please feel free to come early!
We were delighted to welcome Chris Trent as a guest and hopefully a future member! Chris is the Middle School Pastor at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.
We thank Judy as always for the wonderful sweet treats she brings to top off our dinner!
MAGIC BOB AND SuZi are planning to attend our meeting on January 9, 2020!! They will present a lecture for our group. Can’t wait!
The following is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON” Shining…
Julia and John Jefferson
Eugene opened with prayer for our meeting to glorify God and for peace and wisdom for a fellow member who was not able to come to the meeting.
John J. welcomed all and then asked for ideas to use with a set of cards he bought recently. Thanks for your input, y’all!!
John then gave unique ideas and directions that can be used for several tricks. He also gave out several lists of Gospel applications that can be used for many standard tricks. Shane also shared an effect (Two Card Monte) with the group via directions. Great gospel ideas and tricks. Thank you!
John asked those members who attended the FCM Conference this year to share. Shane, Leland and John and Bonnie Abbott shared their wonderful experiences as did John J. We are so pleased that our little group was so well represented!!! All who attended encouraged the rest of the group to go next year.
John J. gave the information to the group about the upcoming magic show put on by Believe Benefit Celebration hosted by Jane Riley and Greg Davidson on October 3, 2019. Contact Jane at 770-587-1292 for more information.
Yes, the now annual GREAT GIVE-AWAY! Each person picked a number and in turn, was instructed to go the 4 tables chocked full of…FREE MAGIC! As he has done in the past, John J. brought home lots of boxes of magic that he purchased at the FCM Conference Flea Market just for the purpose of giving it away to our group! (Several of our members brought several effects to give away also!) This year he almost had to take Uber home as our large SUV was filled to the brim! Luckily we had some helpers stuff it all into the car. John J. says this is the most fun he has at our magic meetings all year. Everyone went home with grocery bags full. Thank you, John. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. It was fun, indeed.
Finally order was restored and Randy was first up to tell us of his busy summer. Randy ministers to the Indians in several venues. He and Ricky Henson have been blessing the Indian tribes in Oklahoma for 28 years. So many have come to know the Lord through their love which shows the people that Jesus does, indeed, love them. He told of a song which originated from the works of John the Baptist. It is entitled, Nobody. “I want to be a Nobody who tells Everybody about Somebody who saved my soul”. Thanks so much for your service, Randy and Rick.
Shane Wilbanks told us that he is now serving as an interim pastor in a church in Alpharetta. He is also a full-time Gospel Magician. Shane gave a lecture and did one of the Hour of Power sermons at the FCM conference. Shane blessed the conference with his enthusiasm and love for Jesus.
Lynn Fox coughed up a green frog—my frog, to be specific! And then shared an illusion dealing with choices and confidence. He gave Bonnie a choice of 3 glasses, each covered with a cloth bag. Bonnie chose the red one. Lynn explained that only one glass was the good choice. The other two were empty choices. Lynn removed the covers on the two glasses that Bonnie did not choose and they were both empty. The third glass was truly the best choice as it had the word, Jesus, in it. We all make choices every day. Let’s hope that the ones we make are not empty choices, but are centered on the love of Jesus. Thanks, Lynn.
And now, our honored guest, Chris Trent wowed us with his card expertise! He had someone pick a card and after great byplay and manipulation, Chris showed us the King of Clubs which had two swords on it with the picture of the chosen card on the end of the swords! It is obvious to all that the kids of Johnson Ferry are truly blessed to have Chris for their leader. His love for the Lord and the ease with which he enjoys life are a wonderful example for our youth. We hope you will be a part of our FCM group, Chris.
Leland told of his adventures in Cuba where he taught adults to be creative in worship. Leland taught them several of the super scientific “tricks” he has shared with our group over the years. Leland shares his talents and his message of God’s love with the children in his church each week. We are sure the people of Cuba were blessed by Leland! Thirsty, Leland?
Leland also went to Wisconsin for a Church camp event with 6,000 people! There is a museum there that has a display of Desmond Doss and his Bowen knot that he used in WWII to rescue several people. The movie, “Hacksaw Ridge” tells the true story of a man who let God direct his life. Desmond was that man.
Shane then performed his version of Professor’s Nightmare. It is the same trick but is performed in an entirely different way! Several of the members were so excited they had Shane perform it again so they could film it! Thank you, Shane. We all need a tune-up! Hint: Shane starts out with all ropes the same length.
Sometime during the summer Mark became an artist!? Anyway, he pulled out his white board and proceeded to draw a face. He named the face, Drew. Bonnie was asked to draw in the eyes and immediately the eyes began moving! The ears that were drawn began to hear and Drew’s mouth moved and he spoke! Mark and Drew said that it is very important in life to help others who stumble and to never listen or even repeat gossip! Thanks for the lesson, guys. As Mark began to erase Drew, Drew ceased to talk and look and listen. Maybe Mark will bring him back next time.
Bill Darby reminded us that we need to focus on the people with whom we share the Gospel. Our humility and our love of God will be what they will remember. He performed a card effect that wound up with the heart of the matter—the 10 of hearts. Bill has graced the streets of Atlanta and many college campuses. He attracts many young people and shares his faith as if each one in the crowd were the only person there. Thanks, Bill. You are a very special, humble person.
What a great meeting—fun, fellowship and sharing –all in the name of our Lord. We are looking forward to October 10, 2019.
The meeting was adjourned. Shane closed in prayer and the group continued sharing as always.
Grace be to you, Julia Jefferson