FCM Chapter will be held on on Thursday October 20,2011


This month we will meet the 3rd Thursday OCT20th!!!!!!!


The next Meeting of the officially chartered Atlanta FCM Chapter will be held on on Thursday October 20th at 6:30 pm at the Jeffersons.

(Note: Mark your calendar for future meetings on 2nd Thursday of each month).

Topic for this meeting will be: Bring a trick to share (if you feel lead), watching some DVDs of Andra Cole, watching a special on Magic (short – about 5 minutes).

We look forward to meeting the new members that will be joining the meeting this month.

Please come,bring a trick (optional), bring an appetizer (optional), or just bring yourself (not optional – LOL)!!!

Location: 1500 Heath Lane

Marietta, GA 30062


Keep the “SON” Shining……………….

John Jefferson

 The October meeting of the Atlanta FCM Chapter was held at the home of John 
Jefferson on October 20, 2011.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson, Rick 
and Angela Jeffers, Randy Burt, and Leland Davis.  We were glad to welcome a new member, 
Jim Magus!!
We first enjoyed watching a 1987 video of Andre Cole.  It brought back lots of great 
memories!  We then adjourned to our Magic room where those of us who attended the Magic 
Symposium in Nashville last month shared our experiences.  Julia gave pictures of our 
trip to the Jeffers and to Leland.  We agreed that we had a great time and really enjoyed 
the fellowship.
Each member then shared ideas and effects with the group.  It was a great time of 
fellowship as always.
Our next meeting will be on November 10 at the home of John Jefferson.  We welcome anyone 
in the area who would like to join us.
Attached are the detailed minutes of the meeting.
Until then,
Keep the “SON” Shining…

The October meeting of our Atlanta FCM Chapter was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Leland Davis, Jim Magus and Randy Burt.

After fellowship and refreshments, we moved to watch a video of Andre Cole from 1987. The video was taken at an FCM convention! We then watched a special from the Discovery Channel involving the magic of Penn and Teller.

We began our meeting with a prayer by Rick. Those of us who attended the Nashville Symposium shared our experiences with the rest of the group. We all agreed that we really enjoyed the conference and the fellowship!!

John showed the newer version of the light bulb—how it works compared with the older version. John loaned his Svengali Deck book to Leland and then demonstrated the fiery Bible and how it works. The filament can be purchased at a camping store and fresh batteries are needed to be sure it works. John loaned this effect to Rick—with the instructions. Randy explained lots of applications he uses with it using verses about fire from the Bible.

John demonstrated Stratosphere and loaned it to Rick.

John shared the large 8 ½ by 11 playing cards he recently purchased from David Ginn. He noted that there was a “choking hazard warning” on the box—small parts! John told the Story of Gideon using the large cards, and he gave each person a copy of the script.

John showed the change bag with the red scarf that “changes” to scarlet, cherry, raspberry, etc. His message was that we often try to make people think we have changed, but they see us as we really are. Only when we have a personal relationship with Jesus can we truly be changed. Then John produced the Jesus silk.

Randy then demonstrated how to use Rick’s “Deacon Skunk”—like Rocky Raccoon. We all enjoyed his antics as the skunk ate, jumped, rolled over, played dead, danced and otherwise entertained us! It was noted that Tricky Ricky sells a turkey call that you can use with the skunk.

Leland asked Rick to assist him –to hold a ball on top of his hand. The black ball represented sin. Leland covered the ball with a silk as we often try to cover up our sins. We think we can hide them from God, but they are still there until we confess our sins to God and ask for forgiveness—the ball magically disappears! After the ball disappeared, Leland produced a long black silk representing sin and after many comical shakes and a little help from his friends, the black scarf changed into a beautiful multi-colored silk which represented the beautiful person you become when you allow Jesus Christ into your life!

Next up was our newest member of the group, Jim Magus. He demonstrated the empty Genie Tube. In Genesis 11, God created the heavens and the earth—produced colored silks and then a Jesus silk. The New Testament tells us that Jesus came to earth, was crucified and put in a tomb. When the women went to check on him, they found the tomb was empty –the Jesus silk disappears from the silk folder and Jesus has now ascended to the right hand of God—20th Century Silks effect.

It was noted that many great illusions are demonstrated on the Laflin Magic web site as well as the David Ginn site.

John demonstrated the Miracle Match Prediction. John handed out a sealed prediction. There were verses concerning miracles in the New Testament on cards. John placed them down one at a time until Rick said stop. John gave Randy and Leland cards and Rick his chosen card. Randy and Leland had different miracle verses. Rick had the “feeding the five thousand”, which matched the prediction. John then taught the group how to perform the force and why the trick worked.

Randy then showed some sponge ball effects. He does not usually use the super soft balls as they do not hold the round shape. If you do use them you can put them in water, squeeze them well and they will hold their round shape.

Next time we will explore the uses of the Die Box.

John showed Jim the dollar bill effect and gave him instructions. Randy closed with prayer.

Randy closed with prayer.