FCM February 19, 2015 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM

FCM February 19, 2015 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were: John & Julia Jefferson, Leland Davis, Lynn Fox, Mark Childers, Randy Burt, and his special “guest” Ricky Henson.

After fellowship and dinner we watched a Duane Laflin DVD and the began our fun night of sharing.

Our next meeting will be the SECOND Thursday in March.  March 12, 2015.


Leland led us with his rising ketchup packet in a 2 liter bottle of water!! His message for the great science trick was obedience.  He next used two other 2-liter bottles and balloons stuck down in the mouths of the bottles. Leland blew up his balloon and it stayed while his helper, John, blew his up and the air promptly escaped!  Leland’s message was that we need to keep the Holy Spirit in our lives close to us by studying God’s Word. Great effects Leland!!

Lynn Fox then demonstrated his Block Cord effect using Luke 1:15 as a Bible reference to guarding our minds. Many times our minds stray so we need to keep Satan from taking over and wrapping us up in sin. The red blood of Jesus covers our sin and we are free. Super effect and well done!!

Mark was next with his bargain of the day –his black and white spotted tea kettle which provoked comments like “udderly ridiculoue” and “this is my ‘holstein'” and many more. Mark showed how, with a clear Solo cup and some glue he could rig the kettle to perform a great trick turning clear water into pretty colors. We often get ourselves in a mess, but with God’d help all is pure. Great innovation and message,Mark!

Mark then amazed us with his “The Extractor” mental effect!! A great trick and well done, our friend. Thanks so much for sharing.

Ricky Henson was next with his super paper tear effect. He told us several wonderful stories from his experiences in churches and his life and then, after tearing the newspaper into lots of pieces, he produced a banner that read “Jesus Lives” or was it “God is Love”.-eithe one is great!! Ricky gave each of us an effect called Adair’s Carrot Culprit Effect. Thanks for the trick,

Ricky and we are glad you were able to come!!

John and Julia then performed an effect they did with their Tuesday Church group.  John read the scripture from Mark concerning the Paralyzed man and his four friends. Julia used her homemade “Carpenter’s Rule” to illustrate the story as Leland tried to copy her using his real carpenter’s rule. It made for great fun and a great lesson. John gave each member a copy of the script.

We really did enjoy the meeting and we are looking forward to next month. Hope to see you there!!!

Julia Jefferson