FCM meeting on May 10, 2012

If laughter heals us, then those who attended the  Atlanta Chapter of the FCM 
meeting on May 10th are in excellent condition!!  What a joy it was to be together and 
share ideas and perform for each other ways to share the Gospel!  Those in attendance 
were:  John and Julia Jefferson, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Lynn Fox, Leland Davis and Judy 
After watching a video of a local GA magician, we adjourned to the Magic room.  It was 
there that we enjoyed great fellowship.
Our next meeting will be on June 14th at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  We would 
love to see new faces!!
Attached are the detailed minutes of the May meeting.
Keep the "SON" Shining...............
John Jefferson

The May meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held on May 10, 2012 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were: John and Julia Jefferson, Rick and Angela Jeffers, Lynn Fox, Leland Davis and Judy Neyland.

Dinner as usual and then to watch a video that John took of a magician in Gay, GA at the Cotton Pickin’ Fair the weekend before. Jeff Hicks, a sleight of hand performer from Greenville, GA performed for audiences of about 15 people of all ages. John had permission to video his performance and we enjoyed watching it. Jeff is one of the original magicians who performed with Rocky the Raccoon.

Rick opened the meeting with prayer. We remembered Randy’s granddaughter.

Rick and Angela told us that Rick will be performing at Bremen Middle School on May 15 in Bremen, Ga. It is a public school, but he will be able to do some Gospel magic. As it turned out, John and Julia were able to attend 2 of his four shows!! It was a joy to watch one of our own perform for Jesus!!! The students were attentive and really enjoyed the humor and talent that Rick presented. Thanks, Rick and Angela for sharing that with us! Rick may also do magic at a bookstore in Carrolton and read to children. Way to go!

John started us off with the Coke bottle effect. He asked Judy to wrap the clear bottle in aluminum foil—putting on the full armor of God—and proceeded to have the bottle suspended by a small rope inserted inside the bottle—God can do wonderful things if we trust in Him!! (Did John remember to…practice, practice, practice?) John then explained the jump rope trick he showed the group last time and gave each person directions and patter for it. He also included the patter and directions for the coke bottle effect—Chinese Prayer Vase.

Rick demonstrated a routine in which he used the dollar store items that John had given us last time and a really nice change bag. God created something from nothing: light (piece of light colored paper), heavens (blue feather), water, land trees (toothpick), day and night (black paper), fish and birds(LIFE paper). On the sixth day beasts and man—the final product—a flamingo ink pen!! On the 7th day God rested.