February 20, 2014 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM

The February 20, 2014 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Those in attendance were; John and Julia Jefferson; Eugene McBrayer; Randy Burt; Leland Davis; Lynn Fox; Rick Jeffers and Angela Jeffers.

After viewing David Ginn’s DVD we adjourned to the Magic Room for our meeting. We opened with prayer for our meeting and for the friends who were not at the meeting for various reasons. Our fellowship was sweet. Our next meeting will be the THIRD Thursday of March due to the magic conference that will be held in FL. Following this message is a summary of our meeting

Leland started us off with and illustration of the Fruit of the Spirit–Joy.  In the first chapter of James, it is written to count as joy our trials–it doesn’t mean we must be joyful about them, but that we should have God’s joy in our hearts in spite of them.  He squeezed a raw egg very hard to represent our troubles-  it did not break–God’s joy will keep us from being crushed!Leland then filled a large cup with water, put a metal pan on top of it and then an empty tube.  On top he placed the raw egg.  God can even keep joy in your heart when you have sudden trials–he pulled the pan away and the egg fell into the water–not in the baseball glove he had given to Randy!!

Rick produced a straw–the paper on the ends was shredded.  He asked Eugene to hold the straw and blow on it–the straw was in perfect condition.  Even though we go through trials because of sin,  the Holy Breath of God restores us.

Kristen showed us the picture of her being levitated by John last year at one of our meetings.  John used the chair levitation.

Lynn Fox shared that he is now a grandfather 3 times over!!  Congratulations, Lynn.  He then talked about how marvelous is God’s creation–God created water and land and separated them!  He produced 3 scarves: yellow, green and blue and a bottle of water.  He asked us to marvel at God’s creation of millions of
molecules, making up the water, and think of ways the Bible speaks of water.  Jesus walked on the water, turned it into wine, calmed the water in the storm.  Two of chose a scarf, leaving Lynn with the blue one.  He wrapped it around the clear water bottle and the water turned blue!!!  He had given us a choice of scarves as God gives us choices.  Lynn then explained how he turned the water blue–his own invention!!

John and Julia then did three routines that they have done recently in their church:
King of Diamonds; SALVATION; Get Connected.  He also shared his 6–card Jesus-Satan choice card trick and Doc Haley’s Gospel Cards.

Leland closed our meeting in prayer.

We are looking forward to our next meeting in March.  What a wonderful way to share God’s love.

John Jefferson