Jan 12, 2013 FCM Atlanta Chapter will sponsor a one-time event, David Ginn’s Kidbiz Live Workshop

Kidbiz Live Atlanta!
            On Saturday, JANUARY 12, 2013 — 10 am – 3 pm — the FCM Atlanta Chapter will sponsor a one-time event, David Ginn’s Kidbiz Live Workshop. This event will be my LAST magic workshop in the Atlanta area for many years, maybe the last one ever.
            Since 2008 I have presented versions of Kidbiz Live in 94 different cities across the USA and Canada, not counting the Italy tour of 2011 and my Europe 2013 spring tour already booked. I very seldom do these things here at home, but I am making this exception for the Fellowship of Christian Magicians club in Atlanta.
                The normal charge for the workshop is $35 advance and $45 at the door. However, since I don’t have to pay for airplane tickets, UPS shipping or motel expenses, we have reduced the admission fee to just $20 per registrant.
            Furthermore, ONLY ONE person per family registers. The rest of the family (spouses, kids, grandpa/grandma, and yes assistants) may attend FREE with the registrant!
            Each registrant gets the following TEN ITEMS included with admission: Crash Course on Kidshows book, Kidshow Lists of Lists book, Charlie’s Invisible Message book, a Magic Belt Hook, an Ian Adair Caterpillar to Butterfly Puzzle (and how to use it), the Magic Safari trick, Bringing Home the Laughs book, two volumes of the School Show Presentation books, and a Sure-Fire Kidshow Magic DVD. Yes, those ten items — a $50.00 retail value  are FREE to each paid registrant.
            If at least 20 persons register and agree to bring one family member by December 31, making a crowd of 40 or more people, I plan to video tape the event for a future DVD release. For this reason, it will be important to me that we have at least 6-10 school age children attending to help me in the magical demonstrations. These children need to be mature enough to handle sitting for two hours before lunch and about 75 minutes in the afternoon session.
            ONE more thing: If at least 20 magicians & clowns register, we will have a drawing for a FREE $79 copy of the Original Tarbell Systems in Magic 5-lb book of 900 pages, a brand new copy, which includes all the material from the original 1920s Harlan Tarbell Course! Yes, someone will go home with this huge book at no charge!
                Our location for the event is Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, 955 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta GA 30068 (Rooms 270-271). Doors will open at 9:30 am, and there will be a lunch break.
            Now is the time to seriously consider attending! Give yourself three & a half hours of clean kidshow comedy magical inspiration in January. Bring your family members to share the fun!
            REMEMBER, everyone who signs up by Dec. 31 will pay ONLY $20.00 total with family members/assistants FREE! Only paid registrants receive all the FREE materials.
            Contact JOHN JEFFERSON at 770-973-7497 to sign up. You can mail him a check or just agree to hand him cash at the door. We just need to KNOW that you’re attending. You’ll have a fun day of learning and perhaps be a part of a recorded David Ginn workshop.
                The truth is — I can’t wait to see you there and share the joy of entertaining & educating children with comedy magic!
                — David Ginn, myself