January 9, 2014 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM

The January 9, 2014 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of 
John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson; Eugene 
McBrayer; Randy Burt; Leland Davis; and Lynn Fox. 
After veiwing part of the video, Bag of Magic by David Ginn--we thoroughly enjoyed 
it!--we adjourned to the Magic Room for our meeting.  We had a wonderful couple of hours 
of sharing and laughing and enjoying the fellowship.
Our next meeting will be FEBRUARY 13, 2014 at the home of the Jeffersons.
Following this message is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the "SON" Shining...
John Jefferson

Eugene started us off with a super trick with a Coke bottle and a bottle cap.  Great 
moves involving a PK ring really had us amazed!!  The message was that God wants to 
penetrate our hearts, but we need to allow him in. Discussion ensued and the excellent 
magical move repeated! 
  Eugene then showed us a black and white shoe string and a silver ring.  He proceeded to 
put the ring on the string with another great move!!  Rare Earth magnets which can be 
bought at Michaels or Radio Shack were discussed.  Lynn said we could look on U-Tube 
under Ring and String to see some further demonstrations.  We discussed different Gospel 
applications including  being snared and then released--slipping into sin and then being 
freed by the blood of Jesus.
Leland  asked Randy to close one eye and drop a quarter into a silver bucket.  Most of 
the time it misses the mark because of lack of depth perception--Randy's photographic 
skills took over and he got it in the first time!!  We discussed possible Gospel 
applications.  We must see the world clearly by studying and reading the Biible.  If we 
look at  life with unclear spiritual vision, we will not be able to see and know the will 
of God. 
Lynn asked us to pray for a friend who has lost his job.  We will also pray for Judy 
Neyland who is having severe back pain and is under the care of her doctors.
Randy showed us his knot on the rope effect and his Gospel application.  We all tried to 
do his special move that looked so easy!!  His message involved a perfect earth when God 
would come down in the cool of the evening and have fellowship with man until man sinned, 
preventing God from being with him.   God did not cover up our siin (knot in the rope), 
but he removed sin by sending his Son to die for them.  Randy said he bought the rope 
from SEO Magic in California.  It is soft and is easily used.
John then showed his old black and red change bag and demonstrated a really great way to 
do the change!!  The bag is old and the new ones are made differently.  He then showed 
the group an old trick, Penta Checkers, using cans and large checkers. Several members 
gave good suggestions as to how manipulate the effect.
John and Julia then demonstrated a Gospel effect that they did at their church group.  It 
was "What Does God Want for Christmas?"  John had several cards with pictures 
of gifts on them which he shuffled several times.  He then spelled out the word GIFTS and 
the answer as to what God wants from us was revealed.  John gave each member a copy of 
the script we used as well as a copy of the answer card.