January 9th, 2020 – Magic Lecture by Magic Bob (Bob Zoreman) with his wife Suzie

Magic Bob will be in town and will be presenting a magic lecture to our FCM Atlanta Chapter Club.  Normal meeting time 6:30 pm meal and 7:15 pm meeting on 2nd Thursday of the month (January 9th, 2020).

FCM Atlanta Chapter Minutes for January 9, 2020
The January 9, 2020 meeting for the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were the following:  John and Julia Jefferson; Jim and Judy Neyland; Shane Wilbanks; Larry Wilburn; John and Bonnie Abbott; Bob and Cheri Colby; John and Jean Herzer; Bill Darby; Leland and Brenda Davis; Eugene McBrayer; Bob and SuZie Zoerman.  We were delighted to have several visitors.  We all knew we were in for a treat!
Our next meeting will be Thursday, February 13, 2020 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Dinner begins at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:15.  Please feel free to come early!
Bob and SuZie Zoerman, our very special guests, are from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Magic Bob and SuZie are well known in several parts of the world for their performances of magic and chalk art. India is one of their most visited countries and they have shared the gospel to thousands of people both young and old.  SuZie and Bob give chalk art and magic lectures at the FCM every year and are very active in their community—sharing God’s word as they interface with those around them.  What a joy it was to have them entertain and inform us at our meeting,  and to spend a few days touring our city of Atlanta.Â
We were delighted to have such a great turnout for our meeting.  Thanks, everyone for helping us get the dinner served and for helping us get our house back together!!  We thank Judy for bringing our dessert.  You always find the best recipes!
The following is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON” Shining…
Julia and John Jefferson
John opened with prayer and welcomed all of our visitors: Jim, Cheri, John and Jean, and Brenda!  He then introduced our long time friends, Dr. Robert J. Zoerman, better known as Magic Bob, and his sweet wife and accomplished chalk artist, SuZie.  John turned the meeting over to Bob and the fun began!
Along with his FREE lecture (for which we are grateful!) Bob handed out his 8 page set of free lecture notes, a trick called Age Cards and a magic post card called Vanishing Tree.  He proceeded to entertain us as he performed his effects from his lecture notes.  Of course, he added several other tricks as he always has “one more”!Â
The following is a list of tricks, ideas and explanations that he shared with the group:  Rope-Wrist Tie; A Gospel Coin Freeze and Vanish; The Three-Four-Five Coin Game; The Fifty Flag Choice; The Choice Cut; The Pressed Penny; The Door, with a gospel dollar bill; the Age Cards trick with a lottery number application; The Vanishing Tree card from Michigan Magic Academy; the confetti bang tube, taped to look like a magic wand.  Bob also performed a trick with three decks of cards which became heavier as you took one away; the hole in the back of the brick wall effect; and a mental effect naming a street found on a map.  John J. is still struggling to make the string off of the finger trick work!  Many volunteers enjoyed helping Magic Bob and we all had lots of laughs!!!Â
Bob illustrated gospel applications as well as secular ones for the effects.  He helped many of our members practice and perform several effects. Thank you, Bob, for a terrific evening!Â
The evening slowly came to an end with a prayer for our friends who were absent and for safe travels home.Â
What an absolute joy it was to be together in our home with the express purpose of caring and sharing God’s word with prayer, fellowship and laughter.  We thank everyone who attended and hope all will return in the future.Â
Our next meeting will be February 13, 2020.  Until then…
Grace and Peace to you…