May 12, 2022 Minutes of meeting

Atlanta Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians
May 12, 2022

The May 12, 2022 meeting of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. The following were in attendance: John and Julia Jefferson; Mark and Melissa Childers; John and Bonnie Abbott; Judy Neyland; Lynn Fox.

Our next meeting will be SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 as we will not meet during the summer. It will be at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. Dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting will start at 7:15.

The following is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON” Shining…
John and Julia Jefferson

We opened with prayer. We missed several regulars due to the passing of Melissa McBrayer’s father. We are glad Randy and Patty could attend the viewing. We wish Melissa and her family God’s peace. Me missed Leland and Brenda—they were preparing for a wonderful baby shower for their daughter. We are looking forward to the next time Beth and Nels Salo are back in town!!

John J. welcomed all and read part of Ricky Henson’s newsletter to the group. We miss Ricky and we hope he will be able to attend next time.
John reminded us of the FCM Conference which will be held starting SUNDAY, July 24th and end THURSDAY evening, July 28.
He also reminded us of the Preble County Auction on May 28 and 29.
John also told the group that he puts our chapter meeting minutes of as well as sending them to our group via email.
We thank Judy for her kindness in providing desserts for us. We devoured the ice cream cake!!

Let the sharing begin!
John demonstrated the unique way he delivers the announcements at our weekly meetings for our church Bible Study. He intersperses a joke between each one!! Of course they are “John” jokes which often cause groans along with laughter. The group really looks forward to his rendition of the announcements!

John and Julia then performed the Mother’s Day message they used recently for the Bible study. John used the flower bag and produced from an empty bag, three boxes of flowers. In between boxes, Julia talked about Mary, the mother of Jesus and wondered what she was really like. Jesus has given us the opportunity for us to have the gift of eternal life. We just have to accept it. John and Julia then gave out dollar bill tracts that show the plan of salvation. Their gift to the group.

Next up, Lynn talked about how we perceive things in our world and our perception is not always correct. Often people see Christianity in a bad way—perhaps as a negative to society. When we accept Jesus, God is able to break those barriers so that we can see clearly. We no longer see clouds, but a beautiful life in Jesus. Lynn used an effect that uses black art to produce different silks. Well done, Lynn!!

Bonnie, John A.’s lovely assistant entertained us with several really cute jokes. “What is a sad strawberry called? A blue berry!” Thanks for the laughs, Bonnie!!

John A. then demonstrated a magic rope trick that made an ordinary balloon turn into a balloon filled with helium!! A unique, cool effect, John!

Mark brought out his specially made one-of-a-kind silk cabby Good News Radio from the Smoky Mountain Magic Co. He told the Gospel story making different silks appear and disappear using the radio. At one point he folded a skull silk (representing evil) wrapped in a Jesus silk and put it in the “tomb”. Jesus told his disciples that He would take our sins away and rise from the dead. Mark rolled back the tomb’s rock from the back of the radio and indeed, the Jesus silk along with the sin were no longer in the tomb. Jesus did what he said he would do—he rose from the dead. What a great effect and just perfect for the perfect Gospel message!!

Mark used John J. to have him magically select one of nine pennies. John J. followed up with the mystifying “what is the number” effect. Great fun to do with almost anyone!!!

We closed our wonderful fellowship with prayer. We hope all will be able to return in September. We can hardly wait!!!

May God grant you Grace and Peace,
Julia Jefferson