May 4th, 2023 minutes of Atlanta Chapter FCM meeting

Atlanta Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians

May 4, 2023

The May meeting of the FCM was held at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  The following were in attendance:  John and Julia Jefferson; Mark and Melissa Childers; John and Bonnie Abbott; Judy and David Beatty; Leland Davis.

We thank Judy and Melissa for providing our outstanding desserts!!!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson.  Dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting will start at 7:15.

The following is the summary of our May meeting.

Keep the “SON” shining…

John and Julia Jefferson


John Abbott opened with prayer.  We pray for all of our absent members and hope to see them in September.

John J. welcomed our visitor, David.  Judy (Neyland) and David were married several months ago.  We are delighted that both of them were able to attend the meeting!

John J. asked Leland to name someone famous and it would be the prediction that John had in an envelope.  Leland did, John showed the card from the envelope and it, indeed was that person!  Really, John?  Could it have been someone else?  Why, yes, it could!  John turned over the card and was definitely someone else!  I guess you had to be there!!!

John reminded everyone that this is the last meeting before the summer.  Our next meeting will be in September.  He also reminded everyone that the FCM Conference will be held in Indiana from July 30 through August 3, 2023.  Leland will take the office of Secretary in September and will be recognized at the conference.  John Jefferson will become a Platinum Heritage Club member and will receive his special plaque of recognition plus Lifetime Membership. Congratulations to both of you!

John J. then showed us the “lightsaber” wands that were given out at our granddaughter’s wedding after-party! (her dad is a Star Wars fanatic!) They would be great to use as magic wands in a show.  They can be purchased online!

We began the evening with our guest, David.  He told us that he was a member of the American Missionary Fellowship Child Evangelism Fellowship for years.  He remembered a Bible study with kids where the child who could remember the most verses was offered a three-foot-long candy bar.  David went to the candy store, taped together enough candy to measure three feet and wrapped it like a Christmas present!  Needless to say, it was a big hit.  What a great memory!  I am sure the children remember it also.  Thanks so much for sharing!

Judy and David then told us how their romance began.  It involved a handsome man, a beautiful lady, flowers and candy, dinner and sweet kiss.  Judy said that she had asked God for a Godly man and she found him.  What a great story.  Thanks for sharing and for coming to our meeting.  We have missed you, Judy.

Melissa then shared that she had also been a member of the Child Evangelism Fellowship and had wonderful memories of her experiences with children.  An Hispanic mother came to pick up her daughter and was handed a Christian tract and bracelet.  The mother returned another day to sign her daughter out and the daughter asked the mother to tell the teacher something very important.  With tears in her eyes, the mother said that her child had brought her the tract and the bracelet, read her the “book” and that the mother had asked Jesus to come into her heart.  I know that Melissa has many other stories of her interaction with children over the years which show her love and devotion she has for others.  We do so look forward to having Melissa share with us.

Okay, time for some laughter—Bonnie’s up!!  “What has more lives than a cat?  A frog because it croaks every day!”.

“What if a nose were 12 inches?  It would be a foot!”

“What did the football coach say to the vending machine?  Give me my quarter back!!”

There were more!  Aren’t you glad you came?!!  Could not have a meeting without “Bonnie jokes”.

John A. asked Julia to pick a card from a deck.  He looked through the deck and told her it was the 5 of spades.  Of course he was correct. Simple and easy!!!

John A. reminded us of the Duane Laflin series about the classics of magic made better.  He showed us a silk trick explaining that many people look beautiful on the outside but inside their lives are empty and upside down.  God is looking for inner beauty which is received by the presence of the Holy Spirit of God. Good illustration!

Mark uses a Nest of Boxes and a Crystal Casket and a “magic” twirling wand in his shows to illustrate a great message.  The devil says things like we need to make people like us, or we need to live our lives so that having fun is our goal.   He tries to twist our thinking to make us believe that if we just work harder we can solve the puzzle of life and we can have peace.  Sometimes these ideas seem right to man, but they are not.  They lead to death and destruction.  He produces a skull silk.  Then Mark asked the question, “Would you like to know how to go to heaven?” At this point Mark does his Gospel presentation.  Great segway to the truth, Mark.

And then… Mark disappeared into the other room and there was silence until…YES!!  Bonnie came to the rescue with…wait for it…MORE JOKES!  Now she will have to find more for next time!!!

Mark reappeared with a magic hat and a die box.  His message was that many people put off asking Jesus into their hearts and some wait too late.  Jesus said to someone that this very night his soul was required of him.  We know that we have the opportunity to be saved until our last breath but we should seize the moment, as Jesus gives us life—he gives it more abundantly.  Mark put a great twist on the trick by showing “both” dice!!  Great message and addition!

Leland described a trick performed on America’s Got Talent and asked the group how they think it was done.  There were several ideas and Mark said that it was done electronically.  So much for “old fashioned magic”!!

Leland then told us a great story about the members in a small church in Texas.  They traditionally went to Mexico for their mission trip and this time, to the city of Juarez.  After a great deal of painting, repair and giving of supplies, the people of the church decided to thank the missionaries.  They bought refreshments for 50 people but when the doors opened, they discovered that at least 150 people had come to the church!  The pastor said that they must pray!  Thirty-five people who had never been in the church before came to know the Lord.

As the refreshments were distributed, the members discovered that there was always more in the refrigerator—enough to feed all of the people with much left over!  The people were truly blessed.  Thanks for sharing, Leland.

John J. then shared with us a trick that can be used in a restaurant, using three different colored sugar packets.  Magician’s choice comes in handy!  Maybe Judy can use this trick in her new assisted living home.  She already gives out gospel coins along with her delicious cakes!

John J. ended the meeting with his amazing “Four and One Half Trick and Mix”.  He had the group follow the MANY instructions carefully and each person was able to end up with the predicted card!  What a mess!  Torn cards were everywhere!  What fun!!  No worries, Mark and Julia retrieved the pieces!!

As always the night seemed short as 9 p.m. appeared.  We adjourned officially with Mark’s prayer. Mark reminded us that our joy and our smiles help share the love of Jesus.

So, as the song says…See you in September!

May God grant you grace and peace,

Julia Jefferson