Minutes for March 10, 2022 meeting

Atlanta Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians
March 10, 2022
What a joy to see everyone!!  The following were in attendance at our first meeting of 
2022:  John and Julia Jefferson; John Abbott; Mark and his sweet daughter, Sara Caroline; 
Eugene McBrayer; Leland and Brenda Davis. (So…glad Brenda came!)
Our next meeting will be Thursday, April14, 2022 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson. 
 Dinner begins at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:15.  Please feel free to come early!
The following is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the “SON” Shining…
John and Julia Jefferson
Of course, we started with a spaghetti dinner with Blue Bell Ice Cream over cake to top 
it off.  The fellowship at the table is always so precious.  We didn’t even have to 
“socially distance” ourselves!!
We “tore ourselves from the table” to begin our meeting and John started with a couple of 
jokes that Randy had sent us.  Thanks for the laughs, Randy!  Sorry you could not make it 
to the meeting.
John then officially welcomed everyone and we shared information about some of our 
absentee members.  We do hope they will be able to attend next month.
John then shared with the group that the meeting place of the FCM Conference in July has 
been changed.  It is not a problem as it is close to the former meeting place, thus 
lodging can be the same as in previous years.
Well, of course, the fun had just begun.  John J. shared his “science” trick with the red 
cups and then showed the group a great way to share the gospel with the numbers 51, 15 
and 31.  Hopefully all will be able to witness using this really great effect !!
  Leland skillfully performed the Jamie Doyle routine, “Jesus Chose Me”, with 7 cards.  
All but one had the word, sin, on it.  He also demonstrated the Pickle Tube which was 
half full until turned, then it was full—when Jesus comes into our lives.  Excellent 
effects that give a strong message!
John Abbott did a nice card routine using the “popper deck”.  He started with five cards 
and kept throwing down cards but always had five cards left!  Such a fast and exciting 
John A. then did a card trick which is Woman’s Intuition.  John had a card in an envelope 
and asked Julia to take the deck of cards from him, cut it and cut again.  She then 
selected a card from the remaining cut.  The card she selected was exactly the same card 
that was in the envelope!!  This trick was very well performed and all were amazed that 
John allowed the helper to actually handle the cards!!
Sara Caroline graced us with her wonderful story-telling.  We are so happy you came, Sara 
Caroline.  You bring smiles and a sweet spirit to our meeting.
Mark Childers showed us his GIANT “Hot Rod” and a large, stage-sized “Crystal Silk Tube”. 
 Great stage props for really cool tricks!!
At last it was time to leave.  We all agreed that we would make every effort to attend 
next month.  We would love to have the wives attend!!  So glad Brenda was with us.  
The next meeting will be Thursday, APRIL 14, 2022 at the home of John and Julia Jefferson 
at 6:30 p.m.  We do hope everyone will come and share and enjoy the fellowship.  We look 
forward to seeing you.
Grace and Peace to you,
Julia Jefferson