November 14, 2013 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter

he November 14, 2013 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the FCM was held at the home 
of John and Julia Jefferson.  Those in attendance were:  John and Julia Jefferson; Eugene 
McBrayer and his son, Daniel; Randy Burt; Leland Davis; Joe Turner; Mark Childers; and 
Judy Neyland.
After viewing our Duane Laflin DVD, we adjourned to the Magic Room for our meeting.
Our next meeting will be JANUARY 9, 2014 at the home of the Jeffersons.
We wish you all a wonderful Christmas!
Following this message is a summary of our meeting.
Keep the "SON" Shining...
John Jefferson

John welcomed our visitor, Daniel McBrayer!!!  We hope he will come on a regular basis!
Randy shared that he has been performing Gospel magic since 1978.  He then asked Daniel 
to assist him in a prediction effect.  Randy showed Daniel a picture of a clock.  He 
asked him to put his finger on the number 12, think of a number and then spell the number 
as he points to the following numbers. He was then asked to spell out the number he 
landed on, and then do this once more.  Daniel finally landed on the number 1.  Randy 
showed that he had predicted that Daniel would pick the number 1 because we know that 
there is only ONE God and there is only ONE way to heaven--through Jesus.
Leland shared that he has recently been doing the opening exercise for the Sunday School 
children K-8.  Leland went to the Nashville conference and learned some new close-up 
magic.  One effect was to blow a kiss into a thimble--like a dove pan--and a Hershey's 
Kiss will appear!  It is more blessed to give than to receive.
He then shared his bug-eyed white strip which illustrates that a cheerful heart is like 
medicine.  He made it with a cheap zip lock bag and some tiny "bug eyes".  The 
strip bends and brings a smile!!  Leland gave each of us a bug-eyed wonder!
Leland then showed us a couple of card tricks.  For one, he showed us a deck in order. He 
shuffled the cards 12 times and explained that we all get really involved in what we are 
doing and the devil messes us up and we think there is no way out of our problems.  
Leland then showed us that all of the cards are now in perfect order as Jesus can put our 
broken lives back together.
Daniel said that he would like to learn more gospel magic so that he can perform in his 
dad's church.  We are delighted that Daniel came and hope he returns often.
Joe Turner said he has been doing magic full time since the year 2000.  He does secular 
and corporate events all over the world.  He will include gospel messages as is 
appropriate.  Joe showed us 2 prediction card tricks with the message that all things 
work together for good for those who love the Lord, and we make all kinds of decisions in 
our lives, but the end is ordered by God.  God is in control.
Mark said he wanted to show us all his appreciation for us--he gave each of us a white 
Fantasio vanishing cane!!  Thank you, Mark.  He then used a Pandora Force Bag.  We are 
born into sin--the world is dead because of it.  Jesus' blood--red scarf-- is what gives 
us eternal life--green scarf.
Judy told us she really wants to be a clown who does magic.  If the magic doesn't work, 
no one will know because she is a clown!! Judy and her husband are very active in 
visiting and ministering to residents of several nursing homes.  Judy also goes on 
mission trips to Africa.  You're great, Judy.  We are so glad you are a part of our magic 
John showed his large multi-colored cane with a gospel message.  You can make your own 
cane by using the plastic covering used with large fluorescent bulbs.  Someone else also 
said there is the same plastic that covers shower curtain rods.
We adjourned with prayer.