Next Steps in this Transition

Dear Members of the FCM,

I am writing on behalf of the Board of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians;

You have most-likely received an e-mail from Duane Laflin, detailing his decision to resign the role as President of the FCM. This transition is to take effect immediately.

First, as a board, we want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Duane for his dedicated and tireless work during his time as President. Much has been accomplished during the 7.5 months of his tenure.

As you can imagine, the board will need to move forward on several steps. Here is guidance from our Bylaws, Article 9, Section 4:


Section 4. In case of death, resignation, disqualification, or legal disability of any officer to act, the Board of Directors shall appoint his successor to serve until the next immediate business meeting or official election at which time said vacancy shall be filled by the election of a successor for the unexpired term if thus created. 

As the bylaw reads, the first responsibility to fill the interim role of the President of our organization rests on this board. 

Here are the steps you as a membership can expect:

  • The board will be meeting in the coming days to decide on an individual to fill the role of President for an interim period. The announcement about that decision will be shared with you in the days ahead. Until that time, all correspondence can be made to myself, the 1st VP of the organization and/or Beth Salo, Recording Secretary of the organization.
  • The chosen person will fully serve as President of the FCM until the annual business meeting that takes place during the International Convention in July, 2021.
  • At the annual busines meeting, a process of election will take place to determine who will serve as President for the remainder of the vacated term. In this case, once the annual board meeting takes place in July, 2021, there will be 2 years left of this term.

We covet your prayers as we meet to discuss the matters at hand, and the appointment of the interim President during this first initial step.

Blessings to you all,
Written by: Jamie Doyle – 1st Vice President, FCM
Approved by: the Board of the FCM