Contest Judging – Day 1

July 31, 2023 from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Speaker: All acts compete together each day

We will be judging people that want to compete in the following categories:

  • Magic
    • Stage
    • Close-Up
  • Clowning
  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Face Painting

You will compete with acts that may not be of the same category. It is a first signed up first to compete format. Winners certificates to be awarded!

Each contestant’s performance will be limited to Eight (8) minutes;
with no more than Four Minutes (4) for set-up and preparation. Time Frames will
be the same for the Face-painting Modeling although we are sure they can
display in a sorter amount of time.

Each daily, contest block will be limited to a maximum number of participants and will be closed after the quota has been reached.

Contestants of all ages will compete in 2 divisions (Youth is 15 years and under).

Register at the registration table at the convention.

Note: Each contestant MUST be registered for the FULL Conference.