The Big E-vent Update!

With just 17 Sundays to go until the “BIG E-VENT!” I want to share a couple things…

If you were contacted to lecture or perform and you haven’t heard from me… CONTACT ME ASAP… If I don’t hear from you I have to assume you are not attending and I won’t have opportunities to add things at a later date as the Conference will be JAM PACKED!

We will be featuring some faces, new shows, new ideas… you won’t want to miss it! -We will have some of the same old faces… wait, that ddidn’t come right… ; )

I have been asked MULITPLE TIMES if we will be STREAMING the conference. The answer is YES AND NO. Due to logistics, equipment and manpower only SOME things from the convention will be streamed. I am still working thru that as I write… but with that being said…

I am announcing ONE THING TO BE STREAMED. It will be our “Monday Night Magic Late Night Show!” Join Jamie and Greg and a cast of thousands (well a few dozen anyway!) as we present our MONDAY NIGHT MAGIC MEETING LIVE! Our theme is “FAVORITES!” Make plans now to present your favorite trick, routine or idea for our world wide Monday NIght Crowd!

Stay Tuned for more conference updates as I begin to announce Performers, Workshops and surprises!